Pitching Muscles

I’m a freshman at the highschool level and I’m about 5’11" 145lb. I was wondering what muscles should I develop in order to get maximum efficiency for my pitching as I’m still young and want to workout the right way instead of screwing my body up.

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Your question is a very good one and very dynamic at the same time. So to answer your question with the approach and contents that it deserves, requires a lot of reading on your part. Ok, let’s start…

First off, you’re an amateur, and a young one at that. You have a life that has many priorities, all of which are mostly out of your control. To be more to the point, if you can accurately say where you’re going to be next week and doing what - FOR SURE, you’re in a very small population. Knowing this, and being aware of your limitations in this regard, will give you a sense of reality for the advice that follows.

Get to know your body in total. By that I mean, like any machine, it is dependent and codependent on supports, function and maintenance. Get ready to supply this machine of yours with nourishment that fits you personally. Your nutrition table - called a training table, consists of a meal plan that provides that machine of yours with sustainable nutrients over a period of time, or duration. Your breakfast must give you products that are feeding your growth, repair, and mental demands constantly. Therefore you caloric intake has to be at a minimum level - tailored personally for you, at different times, during your baseball season(s). This kind of training is too lengthy to outline here, but enough information is available on the web for you to work with.

Physical exercises that are particular to baseball, and especially pitching, are outlined in a lot of publications and web pages dedicated for that purpose. Just be mindful of your overall health, your history of being prone to certain sickness, injuries, and so forth. This topic - physical exercises, should encompass the ENTIRE BODY, not just your pitching arm. Then again, if you’re going to exercise, your nutrition plan must support this exercise itinerary.

Consider your body in three major parts:

  • legs
  • pelvic
  • core
    -lower torso
    -upper torso
  • shoulders/arms
  • trapezius muscles

Since you’re motivated to test these waters and condition yourself, I would suggest a moderate start and temper your enthusiasm for instant results. I would also suggest obtaining a publication called TUFFCUFF which is authored By Steven Ellis. Within those pages are all the real world examples of safely training and conditioning yourself for this sport and the pitcher’s position. This publication breaks down the levels of training, from amateur high school, to amateur collage and beyond. The dedication and work that goes into using this publication is not for those with idle curiosity. Each of those muscle groups that I just described is covered well and documented with plenty of pictures and explanations, I should mention that just the diet and nutrition section alone is worth having all by itself. .On the other hand, there are tons of examples on YouTube and other media that can benefit your development.

Finally, being a quality player requires a few things that I should mention.
First - be honest with yourself on the quality of play and talent that you bring to the field. Always appraise yourself in the company of others, and do it fairly.
Second - no training program, regardless of how ambitious, is going to supplement the lack of talent, at a point in time. By that I mean, your talent today may not reach the watermark of others, but given time and growth, that watermark will be closer and closer for you to attain.

Finally, there will be all kinds of advice and suggestions to your question, Just remember that all advice is without seeing you, knowing your health history and so on. So just temper your reading with knowing your limits, limits that are unknown to others.

Thanks coach baker that’s exactly what I wanted to hear for advise in this subject I’ll definitely do the research to find everything necessary it’s a blessing to have a site like this for young players and coaches alike to discuss this

In my response to your question, I referred to a publication called TUFFCUFF. I am in no way connected to, or trying to advance the commercial side of that - or - any other publication, or media.

I have however, come across a ton of “do this-do that” stuff that sells in many forms. What they seem to lack, or briefly touch upon, is the tailored approach that deals with age and playing levels. This publication that I referred to is published by a man who has been the route that you’re about to take. In that regard, I speak from experience of watching mature, professionals, come my way who have every possible history of progressive development. Many, have something missing in their history of coaching - self imposed or otherwise.

I have never met Steven Ellis, nor am I in any way experienced with the amateur game. On the other hand, if you want to “be there,” tempered by your age and abilities, - WHILE ALL OTHERS ARE JUST MARKING TIME, be serious about your priorities right now.

  • your health and life style
  • your diet and nutrition - TUFFCUFF stands alone in this regard and is perfect for your age.
  • your family commitments
  • your school work and those teachers and advisors that you can listen to.
  • keep your social environment on track with those that are positive, solid role models, etc.
  • last and finally … baseball.

Keep us informed of your progress and any questions that we can answer. I would like to add that there are many coaches that are with this web site that are youth baseball coaches. Enlist their advice and you’ll always have a ready source of great information.

My sincere best wishes for your success.