so i’ve been wondering…
should i have a pitching motion with a pause (like DICE-K, KING FELIX, JOSH BECKETT)…
or should i explode in one motion (LIKE TIM LINCECUM, ROY OSWALT).
im a chubby guy and has a little trouble exploding in one motion but i throw faster.
and having a little pause i feel more calm but i throw some what slower. what type of motion should i choose???

your going to hear this time and time again…

dont try to pitch like any of them… do what makes YOU feel comfortable. and if you happen to pitch like some pro then all the better… but learn the fundies first, seek help, and if all works out you learn that trying to copy someone really doesnt work … just do you

thanks for the Reply
i ill certantly find the best motion that makes me most comfortable

try both but you can only try them if you practice… a lot

As far as going for deception or explosion

last year I was told my windup was very deceptive and it worked for me overall, however some hitters seen the ball well as my fastball topped at about 65 mph

this season I’ve gone for a more explosive windup and so far it’s worked

but its just a matter of preferance, lots of people have their own theories on things

If you’re a “chubby” guy, I would look at Heath Bell and Bartolo Colon.

Take a look at Joba Chamberlain…he’s a chubby guy that throws high 90’s

Now, if u gor ur mechanics all right. Try this, it worked for me.

first 1 or 2 innings throw normally like u would

then after that sum batters get used to ur routine, am i right?
now if u do the same pitching motion but now for this 3th inning take ur rocker step and wait 1-3 seconds longer, or pause a bit in knee lift.

but do this if it doesnt affect you or your control or velocitiy to much.

if im totally wrong. DM or Roger plz correct me :slight_smile:

i agree but to do that you must practice a lot so changing that wont make your piitches go out of the zone