Pitching Mechanics

your back leg needs to follow through it seems like it just stops.
Do you have any other videos or are you going to get new ones?

im getting new videos soon :smiley:

ok we have some big problems with your mechanics.
1st thing is your stride way to short. it should be 85-90% of your height. So i would stride out longer.
2nd you don’t lead with your hip enough so that is why you are opening up to soon.
3rd Your back leg does not stay on the ground through the whole motion. You take it off the ground and lose tons of velocity.
4th If you make your stride longer then it will help me see what else you need help on.

eh. I don’t like anything in it personally.

It looks like you may be taking the ball out of the glove and going behind your back a bit … which could be causing you to throw more across your body than up and down (using the leverage of gravity). That kind of action could cause you some pain in the shoulder. You may want to instead take the ball out of your glove in line with your back leg and then up more in line with side of your body. Though it’s hard to tell from this angle.

yea i’d just like to say that your mechanics are really bad and how it looks in the video, you look like a complete wuss who can’t catch a ball at your ankles, block a snowball, or deflect a ping pong padddle that is being thrown at you. Other than that it’s O.K. Good Luck.

Stay positive. That’s really important. Joe’s got some good advice in the post above. Try working on that for a couple of weeks. Then post a video. Work on your mechanics in steps, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We’re here to help – hope to see you more on the boards.

Doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as some are implying. It does look like you’re opening a bit early. There are quite a few things you can do to try and correct that. One is trying to keep your glove lined up with the target as long as possible. Another is trying to keep your back left pocket going toward the plate as long as possible. Different cues work for different people.

I like CADad’s cue of keeping your back pocket going to the target longer. Get your hips going sooner and faster while maintaining your knee lift. Lead with the front hip into foot plant.

I also agree with CADad’s claim that your mechanics aren’t as bad as some are making it out to be. I think one key adjustment - getting your hips going and increasing your tempo/momentum - will help a lot. Getting your hips going and building up more momentum will improve a bunch of things - it will lengthen your stride, it will prevent you from opening up early, it will make up (at least somewhat) for what appears to be a lack of hip and shoulder separation, and it will get your release point further out front. You may find you lack the strength to perform these mechanics well but stick with it.

If zkfirebird is your older brother, I’d get him back for that post…

Looks to me like the perfect set-up…lets see friend firebird needs friend Joe to film him so he can get his mechs looked at on the really neat site that analyzes videos of pitching…friend Joe wants to try it now and friend(?) firebirds got a pidgeon ripe for the plucking…good one… :smiley: I wouldn’t do a sleep over at Joes for a week or two…At least I wouldn’t go to sleep first…might get some other vid dropped on youtube :shock: .

No, I’m kidding those are all inside jokes. We’re good friends. We workout together. Just about everyday he comes over to my house.

Hey joe, have you been practicing your mechanics? When is that video coming?

New videos of me throwing off of a mound my friend made


Change up


You seem to slow down at knee lift and once you start forward you open up your front leg/foot too soon. Get the hips moving toward home plate sooner and try staying sideways longer through your stride and open up right before foot plant.