Pitching Mechanics

I throw in the upper 80’s. Just trying to break 90. Any advice to increase velo. Thanks. [/youtube]

I don’t know man…you look like you can teach me a thing or 2.

You show great intent, the 90’s are going to be reached, a little weight, a little weight room work…sprints…you’ll have a very hard time “getting out of the way” of hitting 90. Just keep focused and conditioned at the highest level you can so your body will be able to support the effort.

I think you need to be the one giving the advice! Damn you move fast down the mound. As JD said, if you can add weight, strength, and continue to accelerate like that you will hit it. Do you weight train?

You reach back to the high cocked position early it appears to me. I don’t know if that fits in with any loss of potential or not. Just an observation and I’m not a pitching coach or mechanics expert of any kind. I do know one thing. If I was hitting against you, the fact that I can pick up the ball early behind your head would give me added confidence no matter what the speed was you were bringing it. I did notice in another video that you have a curve with alot of break. Just curious when you first learned it and when or how you developed that early high position. And one more thing. Have you learned and thrown a hard slider?

haha thank you, and yes, every day except sundays.

I learned it freshman year (I’m a senior now) and it’s a spike curve. No, I have not learned a slider yet but I’ve been working on a cutter lately.

Here is a guy that throws a decent one…even today…

Your drive leg seems (relatively) passive. It looks like you want to have a linear stride, but someone has taught you to fall instead.

Any chance you could post a video of you throwing with a crow hop?

Great motion, so smooth and coordinated. Very repeatable too. You really look locked in. I hope my son, 11, can look like that in 4-5 years. Keep up the great work!