Pitching Mechanics


Any constructive criticism is appreciated thank you.

Your link doesn’t want to work, could you try posting it again.


sorry about that

Every time I go to your link it says I need to be a college coach and sign in to view it.

Have you had any luck with that recruiting site? I’ve never heard of that one, I’m only familiar with NCSA Sports.

i didnt realize i had my profile private. The video section is now public sorry about the confusion. Most of my recruiting has been through camps i have been invited to the site not so much.

Both links you provided in this thread still demand a password for viewing.

i contacted the website they apparently fixed sorry for the delay

Thanks for making the video accessible.

I don’t see any reason for concern but I do have a question/suggestion for you. The single available clip shows your mechanics from a kind of slide-step delivery. Any particular reason for that? Is it just something you happen to be working on right now?

Assuming that you may also have a wind-up delivery and a stretch delivery that includes a leg-lift, I’d like to see those also.

one of the few times i see someones video posted here and i like what i see.

haha wow i just got a notification saying there was a post but the post was like 2 weeks ago dont you just love the internet

the slide step was what i working on at the time yes i was working on a quicker throw to the plate to shorten the amount of time it takes for the ball to get to second on the throwdown.

I do have a windup and stretch where i use a leg lift. it is actually what i prefer to use to gain some extra velocity

in the video it shows my leading arm is a lil off that if actually fixed now so it is a lil different by fixing it i went from 87 mph to 90 mph

im hoping someone may see something here that i might be able to do to squeeze out some extra velocity on my ball

I will post the leg lift videos shortly. thank you


Watch any motion and you’ll find, just like all Pitchers, you only deliver your pitch after your Torso, your Core, moves to vertical. In some schools, you hear the word “stacked”.

How you begin your motion determines how “stacked” you remain. As soon as your Head moves behind your Bellybutton, you use the potential energy store in your Lower Body to adjust your Core to a vertical position and then, as more of a kinetic after thought, the energy left in your Lower Body goes into your Upper Body. Your Lower Body bringing your Core to a "stacked’ position takes time.

To speed you deliver your delivery to the plate, wouldn’t it make sense to decrease the time between your Hip/Shoulder rotations by allowing the energy stored in your Lower Body to immediately move through a “stacked” (vertical) Core?

Here’s my recommendation …

    Begin your motion with your Head over your Back Foot. - In your current motion, you begin with your Head clearly in front of your Back Foot.
    At Separation, use your Glove Arm and Front Leg actions to keep your weight from moving too far forward too soon in your motion. - Right now, your Front Foot and Glove Arm activity creates an imbalance forcing your Head to move from in front of your Back Foot to behind your Bellybutton. (Your unnecessary Head movement, using your Head to keep your Body in balance, takes time.)
After you master a Starting Position with your Head over your Back Foot, your next move is to find a Pitching Coach who knows the 5 Hand/Leg actions that'll keep your Core "stacked" throughout your motion. After making these Hand/Leg movements a natural part of your pitching motion, you'll be much quicker to the plate and, at the same time, enhance your velocity, realize better ball control and get more movement on your ball.

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i think its alright but the only thing a little bit different is that the followthrough phase

as long as your back is flat that is enough, do not bend too much down like that