Pitching mechanics video

some mechs, tell me what i should work on.

well you seem to be wrapping your arm behind your head, so for your arm to ‘catch up’ you are releasing the ball from a side arm arm angle. " meaning your arm is dragging" try to get to that point of balance and work on breaking your break your hands when you knee leaves that point of balanece. this will allow your arm to catch up and you will be more on top of the baseball, if you are not wrapping your arm behind your head. to prevent this think about going strait back with the baseball i know it may feel funny and you may not be able to fix this in one day but if you practice this i believe you will not only throw harder you will begin to release the ball from a more consistant arm slot alowing you to throw more strike as well. just a few tips if you have any questions let me know

yea, i throw from the sime arm angle on purpose, im more comfortable and like the movement it gives me, but youre right about the arm wrapping and ive worked on it, im going to upload a new video soon hopefully.

Just two things I notice that always bugs me when watching pitcher’s mechanics.

  1. This is probably a result of your arm angle but you finish many of your pitches either standing up or nly slightly over. You don’t seem to finish with any of the power that can really improve your pitching performance. (my opinion)

  2. This is a small thing but every time you begin your wind up you look down at your feet. I hate this tendency in many young pitchers because you are taking your eyes off the target and hoping that when you look back you are lined up correctly. I understand the mentality of many young pitchers who believe that it’s ok to do this because you know where the target is. Jut speaking from experience, my accuracy as a pitcher increased A LOT when I forced myself to not look at my feet and instead look where the ball i going.

I like to think about it this way, no matter what happens when you ar on the mound your feet aren’t going to disappear from under you. On the other side, however, a catcher’s glve is not always stationary and if you begin your motion thinking it’s in one spot and he decides to move it you can have a problem.