Pitching Mechanics Updated

Please help. I know I haven’t fixed all of my problems, but I’ve worked on them, and tweaked them a bit.

I think you can get more momentum towards the target, and I think that you need to stabalize your glove side. Chest to glove.

How do I do this?

and anything else?

Also, how do I get it so my release point is lower? I release the ball very high up.

Make sure you watch the whole vid. Well, there’s hitting at the end.

You are falling into your throws, which is also causing you to open up with your shoulders to soon. By falling into your throws. I mean you are shifting all of your weight forward to soon. Try keeping your weight balanced on your back foot. When you stride, only shift what you need to get your stride all the way out. Keep as much weight back as you can making sure you land balanced. At that point, your arm should be in the cocked position with your front shoulder pointing to the target, the catchers glove. As you begin to rotate your shoulders to make your throw, shift the remaing weight from your back foot to your front foot. This should get you more momentum to the target and improve your accuracy also.