Pitching mechanics .Self learning


Im self taught .Im 23 years old playing some baseball with my pals .I live in greece.Ive started to become quit interested for the sport .So i want some tips on my mechanics what do you have to say.My velocity i think without having a clear measure must be at 70-75 mph.My fastballs tend to be abit high or outside .And my inside fastballs go to the centre.Ive got a curveball also which somehow i get low down and away corner always , more like a slurve but with a much more control than my fastball dont know why.Maybe putting alot more power on my fastball makes me lose control.Apparently we dont have a mount yet xD.But we do have a diy “rubber”.Ive done some bullpens on the mount though. So any tips or what im doing wrong.Or maybe what my style is so to look pitchers that pitch like that in order to evolve it.



That video is a little far away, one thing for sure is you are flying way open and are landing with your front foot toes almost toward first base, when they should be pointing right at a right handed batter.
Check out Marcus Strauman for guidance and inspiration, you are similar and he’s in a class of his own when it comes to mechanics


Oh thanks that must be the reason i get alot of outside balls . away from the batter.