Pitching Mechanics Part 2 (video included)

This is a newer version of my mechanics and in my opinion they are slightly if not better than my older mechanics… another thing I’d like to add is my coaches have been telling me that my mechanics look fine but it seems like im slowing my arm down during the process and losing some velocity…I dunno if you can notice it but hopefully u guys pick up on it… Anyway criticism and analysis would be greatly appreciated!! As always thank you guys :smiley:

The more refined mechanics

older mechanics

i actually think the 1st one looks better than the "refined one"
it looks like you were more comfortable and not as concerned with what you were doing , just pitching

Without analyzing it very much, I’ll say that I’d love to see you lose that pause at the top and back of the windup. It seems like you take the ball in a line back toward where the second baseman would stand, abruptly stop and then throw.

I still see a stride to the closed side, a front foot pointing to the open side, and a late posture change due to a bend at the waste to the open side caused by the upper torso trying to get back online with the target after the lower body striding to the closed side.