Pitching Mechanics of a Big Guy

Here are my mechanics… I had to deal with ALOT of slippage and crappy mound conditions. So if it looks like i’m off balance ALOT or sliding that’s why… I will hopefully get some more video when I have someone to throw to and when it dry outside. Other than that enjoy criticizing me!!!



you need to not let your glove arm swing that way. that is putting you off balance. you have to stride out further. you need to lose weight, and move your body faster. work on your core and legs, it does not look strong. you are also not using your body when you throw.

What I’d like to see first before you do anything is try to throw the ball hard. Right now it looks like you have no ‘intent to throw’… just looks like your going through the motions without any effort.

Yea I dont know how you expect people to help you with your mechanics when you are throwing at 11%

i think these are his mechanics at 100 %
look at his other vids, they are all the same

That sounded kind of harsh… and unecessary. Some people happen to be more explosive than others, he’s on a bad mound, and he’s bigger.

Gregg, j/w, i was looking at ur other youtube videos and one of them (where it said you weren’t going to worry about knee and throw 100%) you looked more explosive in that video and it looked like you threw faster. are you throwing that way in this video?

I think that’s the one where I put my mitt above my head and turn my body further back… No… My pitching coach changed them to what they are presently.
I would like to be able to pitch like this again(like at the 0:52 mark)… But my body can’t right now til I get down to 250 again.

I was up to 280lb so yea I’m in the process of losing weight… I have lost 20lbs in the last 3 months… I’ll probably end up dropping another 20 in the next 2 months since practice starts.

MrLee… There is an old saying… Don’t got something nice to say… Dont say nothing at all

Why do you keep on gaining weight? Why is it so inconsistent. One time your 240, then your 300. Just stick to an explosive conditioning program and stretch a lot. Don’t be so proud to call yourself a big guy.

Because I had knee surgery and wasn’t as active as I was… I’m not proud of it anymore… After seeing the video of myself yesterday I’m not proud at all… Even tho I thought I was doing really good. Can you recomend some explosive conditioning plans or programs? I already have WS4SB #3 already downloaded and thought about doing that one…

First off dont think about workouts…do them. If your not proud of your weight then why did allow yourself to get there. Have you tried eating healthier like a salad instead of a whole pizza.

I actually eat pretty healthy compared to how I was eating last year before baseball.

I dont believe what I said was mean…i was stating a fact. If you are looking for help, be ready to accept criticism. Put a little heart into your game

There is nothing wrong with WS4SB just do it. Right now. Get it printed out and into the weight room with you. Make sure you are eating right. That means a good breakfast (not crappy cereal), protein after workouts good carbs and stay away from sodas and a lot of sweets.

okay… I will do that Bower… Thanks

Do you think I would be better off pitching with my old mechanics if I made some adjustments?

In the video when your not worrying about your knee, is the mechanics you should use. Except stride out further, and sit on the back leg, and throw the f^&%*#^ $#!t out of the ball.

I’ll start working on those mechanics again then… Sitting on my back leg will put less pressure on my bad knee right?

My stride right now is about 5 ft but in that video it was probably shorter cause of my knee.

Thanks guys… I start WS4SB tomorrow hopefully. And I’ll start working on these mechanics when I get on the mound.


There is a major difference between knowing what you have to do and actually doing it.

Good luck.