Pitching=Mechanics=Momentum=Force applied

No pitching doesnt have a stereotyped sized player. Not the 6’5" 230 pounder who throws mid to high 90’s.

What it does have is a variety. A variety of body sizes, arsenals, and mechanics.

So why are there so many gurus trying to sell their miracle Mechanics to youngsters?

If you are fed up with the Dick Mills/Marshall and every other EX pitcher who figured out the correct way to throw a ball AFTER THEYVE RETIRED, Read and replied.

Since Lincecum has flourished around the U.S. as well as the Major Leagues everyone wants his magical mechanics… Um what? Why are we looking at the small kid look alike when we should listen to what Nolan Ryan has said and done.

Ever heard of “Nolan Ryans Pitchers Bible”? Great book.


Lincecum. 5 11 160-170 pounder throwing high 90s heat.
Its not his mechanics that makes him throw harder.Any Newcomer can mimic his mechanics and not throw that hard. In a video they said his father TRAINED him to do it.

Its all about your body and what feels right. Of course with proper training and excersise you will clearly see better results…

Hmm Anyone ever seen Brian Bruney of the Yankees? Guy looks like the local hotdog stand man. Yet he pounds the ball through the strike zone. Or Chicagos MacDougal. When i saw him i thought why is the skinny cashier kid from the grocery store pitching… He threws a nasty 95 96 mph moving and sinking fastball. But clearly examining Its the pitchers bodies creating Force through the ball. All have there slow leg kick but as they drop their body is all controlled Fury.

So all though its ok to copy your fav major leaguer, First discover what is right for your body, then tweak it up a little bit…

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what he said.