Pitching mechanics in Slo Mo of my self

Sup all.

No pro here, Throw high 70`s tops.

In a mens adult league.

Been long tossing and bullpen 3 times a week for over a year and half now.

Went from low 50`s to 78 ish in that time.

Went from a nobody to a mere 3.8 era in my league .

Wanted to focus on more of my mechanics.
I`m not fat but got a little on me. Been running more and sit ups definitely.
Still feel my mechanics obviously need a lot of work.
Let me know what you guys think.

btw , for those to say shorten my stride. I will not.
Thx all

In my opinion you need to drive more linear to the plate with you hips and keep your shoulders closed off longer. You appear to be opening up your front shoulder a little too early. Creating more hip/shoulder separation could give you more velocity.

I agree with Turn 22. Your hips and shoulders are rotating simultaneously, making it impossible to get any hip to shoulder separation. Your hips should be rotating before your upper body. Work on this and you should quickly see an increase in your velocity.

As everyone else said, hip/torso separation isn’t very good. Your throwing hand gets into a cocked position before your front leg lands. Some pitchers can pitch like this, but I would recommend trying to break your hands a bit later in your delivery. Try to time your arm action so your throwing hand starts to raise at the same time your front leg starts to turn into landing.