Pitching mechanics help


Please help me with my mechanics, sorry it took so long to get this on. Im trying to get back to top velocity and command again


Why did you stop?


do you mean at the top of my mechanics or where at?


I meant why did you stop throwing altogether?—because I got the distinct impression that something happened to make you discontinue pitching. How about taking it from the top and telling me what’s been going on, so I can better advise and assist. :baseballpitcher:


Okay well my freshman of high school in throwing 80-82, then my sophomore year i was throwing 83-86, junior year i was lucky if i hit 80 and felt like i lost everything, and then my senior year i had glimpses of my velocity coming back but never consistent. Now im a freshman outfielder in college, and i feel like im even losing velocity in my arm from outfield. Something isn’t right, and my arm dont hurt so im just puzzled dont know what else to do. I threw a couple of bullpens this winter but thats it.


Maybe your arm doesn’t hurt, but that doesn’t preclude the possibility of something else going on that is interfering with your efforts to get back into shape. I strongly advise that you consult a sports medicine specialist or even an orthopedic specialist and get some X-rays and even an MRI, and the sooner the better; after all, you don’t want to spend the season on the DL or whatever. And keep me informed. :baseballpitcher:


Okay i’ll be sure to look into that, thank you!


Depending on what work you did off season, while unlikely, it’s also possible that you just lost strength from not exercising enough.