Pitching mechanics from a year and a half ago

if someone could give me a speed estimate, thats what im looking for.


Not going to give you a speed estimate but simply a mechanical advice. Your arm is up WAY to early. You foot hasn’t even landed yet, heck its not even close. Basically two things happen because of this, your arm stalls and you throw with just your arm. You have little to no separation at all. And don’t even try and throw out Freddy Garcia’s name and say that you’ll be able to do it because he can. He is one in about 1,000 guys who made it to majors throwing like that, and is currently throwing about 87 after a shoulder surgery, he also throws his fastball about 1/3 of the time. You say that you want to play in college, work on getting a later arm action.

My bad just looked on your youtube page and you seem to have fixed that problem. :oops:

yea, my mechanics are different from the videos i have on there though, i was just wondering about speed because i never got a chance to find out back then.