Pitching Mechanics Feedback

Hi all,

I am looking for some inputs on my pitching mechanics. Specifically, I am looking for recommendations on how to integrate my core into the motion as right now I am feeling using pure arm strength. Also, is there anything wrong with my timing? It happens more than usual that my pitch flies out high.

Any feedbacks welcome!

Please skip to the 1:00 mark to start the video.

Thanks in advance!

The delivery is supposed to be as easy and smooth as possible, but in your case I’d dare to say that it’s too slow and easy. It looks like you’re not even trying to throw hard.

What I’d atleast give a try if I was you would be:

  1. Stronger push with your back leg towards home plate
  2. Keep your hips and shoulders closed as long as it is possible
  3. Concentrate on the chest, ab-area and hips when throwing

Your arm looks loose and the action is good. Try to delay your hip and shoulder rotation as much as possible. Concentrate on striding sideways as fast as possible towards home plate, and at the last moment focus on making a strong and explosive turn of your hips followed by the upper body and let it fly. Remeber to keep the arm as loose as possibe, but make sure you time it properly so your arm doesn’t drag too much behind, thus losing the momentum you generate with the stride and upper body.

You move back towards 2B before moving forwards. That will make you slow to the plate and give runners on 1B a good jump. It will also prevent you from really engaging your core. I believe I heard your instructor mention keeping your weight back - I think that is an inappropriate cue. You need to keep head and shoulders slightly behing the front hip into foot plant but you need to get your weight moving forward sooner (as the front knee lifts and faster. These things will engage the core more.