Pitching mechanics debate

there are often many arguments about which pitching mechanics are right… i was just wondering what would be the right combination? i.e, drop and drive coupled along with a quick foot strike etc.

The “drop” part of “drop and drive” contradicts getting into foot strike quickly. Up and down motion makes you slower to the plate. It also makes your eyes move up and down while they’re trying to focus on a target.

The “drive” part of “drop and drive” is debatable. Some people like it. I don’t. I feel it is more likely to mess up your timing. If you want a longer stride, get the hips going sooner while maintaining the same knee lift. Or take the knee higher or back further as well.

[quote=“Roger”]Up and down motion makes you slower to the plate.[/quote]Roger. I’m right there with you about most of what you said except this one. Yes, it will make it slower from knee lift to landing but I think the drop 'n drive advocates (definitely not me) would say that from the bottom of the drop to landing can be quick because of the “drive” portion.

As I’ve said several times before, cues like “drop 'n drive” or “tall 'n fall” just “fall” short of really being useful. They are just too limiting. So, when I say I don’t like “drop 'n drive”, which I don’t, that doesn’t mean I’m automatically a “tall 'n fall” advocate. There’s a whole universe in between these 2 extremes.

I like Roger’s advice though, as usual.

i know they contradict eachother but i was having trouble thinking at the time.