Pitching Mechanics Article

Hello everyone! I just wrote a very detailed article about pitching mechanics, and I would love to hear your input on it. Feel free to be as critical as possible!

Thank you

  • Nathan

Wasn’t sure if I should offer my thoughts on this or not…

I’m not sure exactly what the point of this article is…you try to examine every aspect of “pitching” mechanics in one article, make dozens of claims that are poorly backed up with evidence or repeated directly from one of the so-called experts you mention.

My major issue is you try to cover too much in one article rather than analyzing one specific part with a purpose and in depth.

If you’re going to be that critical, then you should at least reference whatever you believe is “poorly backed up.”

The purpose of the article was to examine each step of the pitching mechanics, give my take on what’s the most effective, and to include the knowledge of other pitching instructors that I agree with. I could reference hundreds of pitching “experts” who write all day about pitching mechanics, but have no reference to any scientific data or research.

So, your broad criticism is of no use to me, but thank you.