Pitching Mechanics and the Body

Ok happen if the reason you are struggling with control and mechanics is not have anything to do with your mechanics or control and has to do with the shape you are in to pitch. Maybe the reason you are striding to the closed side isn’t mechanics and it is a tight hip? Maybe the reason you can’t get full extended is because a tight oblique.

This is why MLB Organizations hire performance enhancers to tell you what part of the body’s are tight. It might not be in your kids mechanics the reason it is taking so long to fix it might just be is his body is not in the right condition to throw a ball.

I would like Steve Ellis talk a little more about PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS that mlb organizations are hiring for the team.

Just think maybe you can fix that tight hip or the back or oblique tightness that you don’t even notice and then your mechanics come into order. I think next time we analyze mechanics we need to think about?

Is this kid strong enough to pitch?
Does he have any tight muscles that might be holding him back?
and is it really his mechanics that are bad or is it his body that needs to get stronger.