Pitching mechanics advise


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88xmezfstac Any tips?Im self trained.


Looks pretty good overall. Only suggestions I’d make at this point is start with hands lower (slightly below the chest) and eliminate the counter rotation. Try a simple straight up leg lift and start to move your hip towards home plate as you begin to lift, think you’ll see better momentum & timing. Instead of turning your backside completly toward the catcher think of moving your hip pocket in the same direction.


The main thing I see is that there isn’t much hip and shoulder separation. When examining your video I feel you have good load and hip lead but you loose all of your velocity by rotating your hips and shoulders at the same time. A good video to compare your mechanics with is a slow motion video of Zack Grienke on YouTube. I also recommend watching Top Velocity on YouTube. They will give you the knowledge to reach your max possible velocity and how to take care of your arm. Good luck!


The first thing I would suggest (because it’s the first part of your delivery) is to start with your feet closer together to eliminate the weight shift towards 2B as you go into knee lift. In your video, watch your head relative to the pole behind you and it will become very obvious how big your weight shift is. This movement towards 2B can be a source of control issues, it makes you slower to the plate and it tips off baserunners (assuming it carries over to your delivery with runners on base).

Try to get all of your movement going towards home plate. Practice this a bit and then see what it does to your timing before making other adjustments.


that was a great thing to notice thanks!!.