Pitching mechanics 16 year old lefty

Hey guys,

Here is a recent video of me pitching for the California Smoke baseball club.

Please any feedback on my mechanics would be much appreciated.


Daniel Edmondo

I think your back leg needs to come through more at the end of your motion. When you stop it half way, it’s like an anchor on your arm.

Need some more video including 1st base side and by the way, great commentary at the 2:00 min mark wild pitch.

here is a video of side view, about half way in.

Here are some of the things I like:

  1. You lead well with your hip.
  2. Good weight shift.
  3. Good late hand break.
  4. Good speed of movement to the plate - not slow and robotic.
  5. You stay sideways well - energy directed straight to the target.
  6. Arm gets to the high cocked position as the front foot lands - good timing here.

Some things I would work on:

  1. Stride is way too short - get longer and lower; notice how in most of your deliveries you take a few steps toward the target after follow through. You need to get out longer and put the brakes on.
  2. Get your back leg more involved - drive until it is to full extension.
  3. Don’t let the back knee collapse inward until ready to explosively rotate the back hip.
  4. It appears as though you are working hard to throw “over the top” so you shorten your stride to get on top of the ball. However, this is causing several problems - notice how you finish with your arm released between your legs instead of on the outside of your right leg. Also, you are not getting even close to maximum external rotation because of this over the top mentality.

Here’s a pic of Beckett - notice how low and long he is and how extended his back leg is…

Here’s a pic of Ryan - notice his back knee at this point in his delivery…

Here’s another example of the back knee collapsing vs. what is a more stable and powerful position:

Hope that helps!

Is it just me or does that mound look like Mt. Fuji?

Wow regulation mound is only 10 inches in height…is this for the godzilla league?

Only thing I see in your mechanics is that as you start to move toward home, you flex the back knee and then lose some of your height because your body balls up and your shoulders come forward just before yuour hand break.

It looks good. Just one thing that I want to comment on is the control. I noticed in the beginning of the vid that you pull your head to the side to throw over the top. I think one of the reasons for some of your missed pitches is because you pull your head all the way to the side. I understand that you are trying to get good shoulder tilt to throw over the top…but you have to find some type of balance or in-between when figuring out the angle that your shoulders should be. As the video progressed though, you seemed to find that consistent angle and you just started flowing after that, which is why you got hitters out. I sugguest you work on gettting a consistent shoulder angle as well as the other things that were posted in the comments such as the things that structuredoc was saying.

You lean back towards 3Bduring your stride. That translates into a lateral tilt to the side as you rotate which leads to the high arm slot and release point. But it also leads to ealier shoulder rotation and not only does it raise the release point but it pulls it back as well. Thiis means a higher trajectory for your pitches and more difficulty in spinning the ball for your curve. (According to the comments heard in one of the videos, you left a curve high. Coincidence?)

Takek a look at the posture in the Ryan and Beckett pictures above. Fix your posture and you’ll be able to stay closed longer which will let you stride further and will let you get a release point further out in front (which should result in better and later movement).