Pitching mechanics 14 year old


My name is Ellis Walker, I am in the eighth grade 5’7" and 150. I wanted to know if anyone has anything to improve my mechanics. Please help me. I only throw fastballs.





the only thing I see is when your hands separate to where your front foot almost lands, your hand gets underneath the ball. instead of this, it helps to break your hands with your throwing arm palm facing the ground and your index and middle finger on top of the baseball. when your hand gets under the ball, lots of strain is put on the front of your shoulder and elbow so trying to keep your fingers on top of the baseball during your entire arm path will help you reduce stress on your arm. other than that your mechanics are really good and you get to a great power position with a good toe drag and decel leg lift. keep it up man!


He cocks his arm but he has no external rotation.


His external rotation is ok, not great, but ok.
If you pause the first video at 6 seconds you can see that layback is happening. 28 seconds on the second video. Might have to play around with it to get at the max layback position. Also does a solid job of keeping the shoulders closed at front foot contact.


I looked again after I posted and saw the ER…but it is MINIMAL- probably less than 30° from vertical. I don’t see 80mph out of that body with that amount of ER.


Maybe I am over estimating it…getting some “blur” when I am stopping it.
At any rate, I would not say there is “no” external rotation, there is some.
I don’t see 80 either.
I stand by the shoulders being closed at foot contact. But, there is not much happening to involve the body…kind of opens the front leg, lands and throws all arm. There is an element of some of shoulder rotation.
But, I am not a real “mechanics” guy…so, that is worth what it is.
I would not expect an 8th grader who is 5’ 7" to throw 80. If Mr. Walker is I am stoked for him as it would put him in the higher level velocity wise. But estimating velocity is a bad habit to get into. “Around 80” can end up looking a lot like 71.


Thank you for the responses. Please keep them coming. I honestly do beleive I throw around 70-75. Anything else on my mechanics or anything that I need to succeed one the next level. So how do I increase ER?