Pitching mechanic problem



this is Rolando from Italy.
For introduce me: I’m a pitching Coach of a club in the north east part of Italy.
We play a really good baseball.
I’m also the pitching Coach of the Italian National Team U.18.

In the last months I have this kind of problem with one of my pitcher.
I tried to solve it but with no result.

On release point, just before throw the ball, the pivot foot is not in contact with the ground, but is already lift up.

Please, how can I solve this problem ? Do you guys have any drills to help him to drag a little bit instead lifting the feet to early before throwing ?
Thanks in advance

Rolando Cretis



The back foot lifting before ball release isn’t itself a problem. But it can be an indicator of other issues such as posture issues or early shoulder rotation. Focus on those aspects to assess if there is a problem.


Thank you Roger for the fast answer.
The problem is, that since he is lifting back foot, the load on his elbow is increased and during last weeks he started to feel some pain.
I think that lifting back foot is the reason of his pain.
Yesterday, during practice, I make him throw keeping center of gravity lowest regard he normally do, and his back foot start draging a little bit.
Do you think can be a good drill?


Early shoulder rotation can cause elbow issues so I’d say it’s more likely that the back foot lifting early is being caused by early shoulder rotation which is what is causing the elbow pain.

Of course, this is just speculation. It’s tough to make a call without knowing more and without seeing.


if the weather get better the guy will have bullpen session on wednesday and probably play Saturday. I’ll take a video and I’ll post it, so you may giveme your impressions