Pitching Mechaincs -sore elbow

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYCXRl7fqzE - im wearing the black shirt

Exactly what’s the matter with your elbow?

Your mechanics look pretty solid, the only thing that could develop some aquward energy in your mechanics is when you are in your post I notice that your leg that is is up is angled quite a ways away from your body, this can create a situation where you need to keep your balance by using your abdominal muscles and position of balance on your supporting foot which could put a twist in the release that I just am not picking up.

I would try and bring myself to the post position with the leg lifting almost striaight up making sure that no ab muscles are being used prior to moving forward and actually thowing the ball.

To find out if this could be causing the soreness you could throw an entire day using just slide step, this would just focus on the release and actual throwing action.


Ideally, you want all your energy traveling into your Throwing Hand.

One essential to a proper energy flow comes when your Front Foot lands on your target line with your Front Toe pointing toward your target. This Front Foot position allows a full Hip rotation that allows your Throwing Hand to become an extension of your Hips. As an extension of your Hips, your Throwing Hand moves through a consistently tiny release window to produce world-class command.

Your closed Front Foot landing blocks your energy flow and expands your release window. With an expanded release window, to get the ball to your target, you’re forced to alter your Throwing Arm angle. Your energy stops in your elbow and causes the soreness your feel in your elbow.

A closed Front Foot indicates a premature forward weight shift. My recommendation is to create a more athletically stack Starting position. As your kinetic pitching chain develops, you’ll be more likely to better engage your Hips and land your Foot Plant closer to your target line with your Front Toe pointing toward your target.

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute

thank a lot guys i will take this advice into consideration and work on that.

Zita Carno- its weird it doesn’t hurt while i throw or anything, it’s after i throw like if i my arm 90 degrees angel with my palm facing the inside of my body, and i push against it thats when i feel it.