Pitching Mech

Here is a video of me pitching, any suggestions to help my speed? My control is great, one walk in seven innings roughly, but I can throw 66 top. I’m 16 and 6’2, so some help would be appreciated 8)
Thanks to anybody who can help :smiley:

For one your stride is tiny, i dont even think its 50%. Your hand break isnt over your knee, its actually behind it. Your knee lift is fine, its just you balance behind it.

Another thing i noticed is, is that your in game tempo? cos thats really quick.

That was just me throwing, I wanted more than one pitch per shot but I didn’t want people watching a 12 minute video, so I threw three pitches really fast

Get some more momentum into your delivery, that could help.

His stride is not tiny. Look again. It’s definitely more than 50%.

I don’t see much “scap load”. It also looks as though you’re just pushing the ball, especially on the sidearm throws. That may be due not enough hip and shoulder separation, which is another thing I see.

It really looks like you need to get your hips moving twords your target faster. Look at the clips of Mariano and Johnson at the bottom. See where they are in their leg lift when their hips start moving? That’s how yours should be. It’s harder to see in Weavers clip.

ok well I’ve got a couple things to say…
#1. thanks booma because I noticed that I could stride just a lil further, I go about maybe 6 inches further but everybody on my team and I could really tell the difference in speed.

#2. I don’t know what you mean when you say it looks like I push the ball on sidearm, I looked at it over and over again and really can’t see it? But probably because it’s how I pitch, so how would I change that? and could this look like that because on the slow-mo pitches I threw knuckleballs?

#3. Also, thank you to everybody that has commented me to help me with my “speed problem” I really appreciate it

Are you sure you throw 66 tops? It looks to me like you throw harder. I know its hard on a video but if I saw that in a game with your arm speed and all that it seems like you’d be throwing harder than 66

you stride across your body, which limiuts the amount you can open our hips and shoulder.

I agree that you stride to the closed side such that you have to throw back across your body. However, when you pivot into knee lift, you end up over on the left side of the rubber which reduces how much you have to throw across your body and that’s good. However, on some pitches your plant foot opens up too much which tells me you’ve got some of your weight going that direction probably due to trying to get your upper half back in line with the target. So, I think you should work on striding more in line with the target.

I also think you should increase your tempo to lengthen your stride and improve your timing so you don’t open up early. The increased momentum should also help you get out over your front leg more at release. I like to see chin, front knee, and front foot aligned vertically at release.

Yeah, I’m sure I’m throwing only 66 because I have something that attaches to the back of my catchers mit and gives you a reading. The fastest I could get it up to was 66, and that was a one time deal, I haven’t got it back up there since…