Pitching machine height

Putting a 55 foot batting cage in my backyard. I also have a black flame pitching machine to use in it. I know live batting practice is better, but getting to old to throw. My big concern is the release point of the machine, it releases the ball at about 24 inches. I would like to get this at a more realistic height. So I am building a platform for it. My question for 10-11 year old kids how high would be an ideal release high. I was thinking 24 inch platform for a 48 inch release point. Is this still to low? Most kids this age are approaching 5 ft tall or so.

Cool idea. Wish I had a batting cage when I was growing up. I’d aim for a height about 6 inches higher than a pitcher’s’ average height to get you close to where a pitcher actually releases a pitch. Good luck!

Thanks Steven, It ended up being about the pitchers height due to ease of design. Hopefully it will work okay.

Pitching question how do I stop my son from tilting extremely just after foot strike which is causing inaccurate over the top throws.