Pitching log

I have been reading most of these pitching logs and they have interested me enough to start my own.

Name: Jimmy
Age: 16 sophmoore
starting height: 6’2"
starting weight: 155
throws/bats: right
other positions: 3B
Pitches: 4-seam, 2-seam, curve, change up
Velocity: 70 mph

Bio:Ive been pitching for about 6 years now and now I am pitching in highschool. I have great control and I am workin on creating more velocity on my fastball. I have great off speed pitches. My curve has really developed into a great pitch over the last year. Ive had great succes with it. Also over the last 6 months or so i have developed a very effective change-up, that has great movement on it. I have had great succes as a pitcher so far and I want to carry it on to the varsity level. I would like to play in college, but I need to keep workin very hard to get better and better.

I will continue to post later, but feel free to leave any comments, tips, or anything at all.

Today I went to a clinic to get some throwing and hitting in. I was happy with my bullpen session because I had good velocity and good mechanics. My changeup had good movement on it and my arm felt good. After the clinic was over I went to the gym and lifted. I did my chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders , and abs. If anyone has good excercises for pitchers let me know.