Pitching Log

i figured i’d give this a try. i’ve read a couple of them and it looks like it gives a working pitcher some motivation and organization in his improvement. so i’ll lay down my basics to start

weight-195 lbs

i was on the high schools jv team this past year, led the team in all major pitching categories as it was my second year on jv. only freshman on the team last year. i’m in the summer season now playing with a travel team that plays in the babe ruth league and several tournaments around.
my goals for the short term are to be a dominant performer on varsity next year and to win a state championship. long term i’d like to pitch for a good baseball school and maybe if the chips fall right play some pro ball.
i have a workout program i complete 3 days a week. and i pitch in games maybe 2 times a week. the other days i throw with my school pitching coach.
the program is a combination of some workouts from the sparticus workout and then some body weight exercises like pull ups, push ups, tricep dips, etc. i then run 1-2 miles at a 6:45 pace. i also do leg press, lunges with dumbbells, back extensions, tricep pull downs, calf raises, shrugs, forearm circuits, and so much abdominal work it’s outrageous. on off days i do agility training in my backyard with cones and jumpropes. i also do sprints. sort of the workout for agility in the tuff cuff book.
more tomorrow

Well i worked out today, not much on the upper body because i pitched on saturday. which i guess i’ll recap now.
we played a 16-18 year old team from a town near us. they’re very competitive at our age level and they had some big hitters. i went 7 innings, striking out 10 and giving up 4 hits. one earned run. big problem though. 4 walks. i haven’t walked more than 3 sense 7th grade so it was a major problem for me. so my bullpen tomorrow i really need to bear down and work on hitting my spots. did alot of legs at the gym. ran a mile and a half. i’m working on my diet but am not recieving much support from my parents as they think i’m in fine shape, they are not much into athletics so they don’t really understand. i’m 20% body fat and i’d like to get down to maybe 12-14% by basketball season this winter. i’ll do my agility work tomorrow and i need to do some throwing today. just play catch with someone ill call a friend. anyway. gym again in two days, i’m at around 190 lbs, and i’m looking to get to 180-185 by the end of the month. wish me luck:)

its been awhile. been so busy.
i got a job mowing lawns in the mornings five days a week. 10 bucks an hour its not bad if you don’t mind sweating a bit. especially in the heat we’ve had :shock: today i pitched and went 7 innings. striking out nine, two hits allowed and one walk. to the #9 hitter, who eventually scored. we won 3 to 2 however. so all in all a good day. i’ve been following my workout routine religiously and am starting to see improvements in my velocity and in my durability. i found a new little something that has helped tremendously in my mechanics. i watched all the major league pitchers closely and notice that as each of them break their hands to pitch, they all do a sort of arm dangle, sort of like they’re trying to reach to the ground. i usually go straight back and after switching to the dangle today i noticed a gigantic improvement in the life of my fastball and my curveball. even my change had more movement on it. so i will begin to get used to that arm action and i hope to see improvements on it even more. anyway. gym tomorrow and another game. not scheduled to pitch again until next week. so plenty of time to prepare

what a busy time! i’m really starting to come into form however. i pitched four no hit innings yesterday, striking out 8. and the state tournament is this weekend. my workouts have been going well. i’m trying to figure out a consistent post workout meal/drink. can’t figure it out yet. anyway, i’m down about 4 pounds and i’m starting to improve in all my athletic areas. running, jumping, quickness etc. gotta keep working!

Well as i can tell by the duration between posts, haven’t been as organized as i could be.
my baseball season has come to a close, all in all i think it was a success seeing how in vermont playing 51 games is a huge accomplishment, i’m thinking about doing this team again next year instead of legion. because of all the playing i’ve improved my game in all areas to some degree and my pitching has improved due to just getting innings under my belt.
i spent the fall playing baseball and after that i pitched with my high school pitching coach as we have formed a great friendship and he’s doing everything he can to help me out.
i just wrapped up with him and he told me to take throwing off until after christmas. which i agree with as i’ve thrown alot this year. i’m getting ready for my first year of varsity next year where i could potentially be a #1-3 starter for the team and looking to be the everyday third basemen. my plan from now until christmas is to work my butt of in the gym getting as strong as possible and continuing that throughout the offseason until next preseason begins. i also will be playing on the school basketball team. i’ll lay out my workout plan when i have checked it with my coach and have it ready to go.

i currently throw in the upper 70s, topping out around 81-82. i have a hard curveball and a decent change which has enough speed difference but not enough movement. that i’ll work on in the spring.
i’m 6’ and 195 lbs, which is about 8 pounds heavier than i was this summer but ive been eating well and working out so i think it’s good weight. my goal for next season is a fastball in the mid 80’s which might seem like a lot but i feel that i can do it because my fitness is not where it should be right now. i also am looking to improve my hitting. more tomorrow i’m going to talk to my pitching coach today and figure out the offseason plans. good to be back

I’ve had two solid workouts monday and today. starting to see improvements in the weight i’m lifting and my performance in basketball. going to start hitting this weekend and continue on until preseason begins. celebrating thanksgiving today. so happy thanksgiving everyone

Well its been awhile between posts. but i think this is one of those times where all the good times catch up with you and you get lazy as a dog in the sun. I’m 17 now, same height and weight, but am completely different. beginning of this year for school ball i pitched and worked my way into the playoff rotation in my first varsity year. me and another guy formed our 1 2 pitching combo for our playoff run. but we lost, 1st round, both of us pitched and got shellacked. since then, i’ve been in a bit of a spiral, with arm pain and other litttle injuries keeping me out of games. and i’ve decided enough is enough. there’s a fall showcase league this fall that is a tryout team and i need to make it. so i’m going to. I throw harder than last year. clocked in the low 80’s consistently, topping out 85ish. my problem has been control. and i’m beginning to get some work in on it in my bullpens. i let the season speed up on me. now i’m going to take this day by day and see if i can get my thus far soft fat lazy %@! into better shape and see if my pitching can follow suit. Lets go. enough is enough

Fastball 80-85 mph
change 70-705 mph
curveball 72-76 mph
weight 200 lbs

goals: make fall league team, improve velocity to perhaps mid to upper 80’s by next school season, show that i can buckle down and do this thing, and stick to it

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Legs, light dumbbell work on shoulders, jump rope
Tuesday/Thurday/Saturday: Upper body, long run, jump rope

Diet: cut out sweets to less than 2 serving size of sweets a day. serving size, not huge helpings. whey protein shakes for post workout meal, milk and water only for drinks

this one is my quote
"it’s Sunday, July 24th, and I have decided enough is enough. I have a dream, but that dream WILL NOT HAPPEN at my current pace. It’s time to stop with excuses, stop with the laziness, and get it in gear. I can do this"

Forgot perhaps the most important part of my workouts. Monday through Friday workouts will include core work of the low back, glutes, obliques, and abdominals

Went to the school track, ran 3 laps with 3 minutes of jump rope after 1st lap, then 3 up and down the bleachers after second lap. Then threw long toss with my catcher for about 10 minutes. got to 55 yards on a hard line. then got a little more air underneath and stretched it to about 75 yards. did not air it out. tried to keep my throws on a line. no more than one short hop. only short hopped him 3 times. after that i took some throws from my catcher down to second to help him out, then threw a 30 pitch bullpen. 15 change ups, 10 curve balls, 5 spotted fastballs. really wanted to work on my offspeed for strikes. also trying to speed up my curveball, less break, but tighter and harder. figured out with my change, i need to release it more on top and out in front of my face, throw it more consistently for strikes then. curveball i need to get on top and make sure i’m keeping my fingers on top as well. also need to get extension on my curveball, which will help speed it up and make it tighter. continued to work on utilizing my legs, need to continue to lengthen my stride and stay closed while doing it. good work for an offday. weight room tomorrow.

Good day, hit the legs hard.

Lunges 3x8
Dumbbell squats 3x8
One leg squats on bench 3x8
Side to side lunges 3x8
Jump rope 15 min.
Single leg RDL (i think thats what they’re called, reaching toward floor on one leg
Hamstring Curl 3x8
Back Extension 3x8
Ab machine thing lifting legs to stomach 3x20
Side planks 3x30 sec
Front planks 3x30 sec

Plus did some light upper body work
push ups with ball 3x15
Pull ups 3xmax

Got a bullpen today in with my school pitching coach. he was free for the day and offered to get some work in. so we went and he mostly just watched how i’ve progressed over the summer, making comments here and there. threw only out of the stretch, worked on being quicker. but mostly worked on the change up. tried a new boxlike grip that i like and seems to work, so thats going to need work to become game ready. curveball also needs work. very inconsistent. also did some lighter long toss. because i threw i didn’t lift heavy up top. only did some push ups and core work. legs again tomorrow. might start adding in a little more upper body on legs days and use the in between days to throw bullpens and long toss. diet was good today. no heavy snacking went on. tomorrows plan is some light long toss with a lot of arc to stay loose, and batting practice.

Couldn’t make it to the gym today. hate busy days. instead i put myself through an at home workout. focused on doing everything quickly, with only short breaks between sets.

One leg jump rope 30 sec each side 3x30sec
Jumping squats 3x8

Side to side shuffles 3x30 feet
Bounds 3x8

Tricep dips 3x20
Pull Ups 3xmax

Front planks, side planks, Glute bridge 3x30 seconds
forearm rolls 4 minutes continuous. front and backwards
Rotator cuff series 8 reps on each motion

Need to make sure make it to the gym. Pitching on Friday so plan tomorrow is some arcing long toss and maybe a light 10 pitch pen, 75%
Gym to run on incline for ten minutes, flush the body out for friday. Then biking as a cool down. game is at 330 friday so i’ll have time to go for a run directly after the game to flush body out. might have to come back to throw sunday or monday.

had a tournament this weekend, that’s the reason for no posts. we made it to sunday for the first time all summer. i ended up pitching the semifinal on sunday morning against a kid from a couple towns over that i’ve pitched against 3 times already this summer. me and him are two of the better returning pitchers for next season so it’s fun to pitch against him. sunday was a game where it was who’s defense made fewer errors. mine made six, his made five. and i lost 6 to 5. wierd. anyway, only one earned run given up. one walk. much better command. especially of my offspeed. i need to continue to get stronger to get more armspread to increase the movement on my pitches. i didn’t work out during the weekend. but today i jumped rope for fifteen minutes. ran a hard half mile, did some core work with planks and mountain climbers. and stretched. still sore from sunday where i threw 106 pitches. tomorrow i’ll be able to lift at the gym a bit. i’ll report on that tomorrow

have a new workout plan that seems to be working. i’m not that explosive or quick by any standards, and i figure thats all pitching is. so i’ve been doing explosive movement exercises every day with weekends off

3x12 squat jumps
10 minutes one legged jump rope
side to side hops over water jug
3x8 sprints
3xmax clap push ups
3xmax pullups
3xmax front side and back planks

from what i see this is a pretty good workout to burn some of the extra poundage on my frame and to see some improvements explosively.

threw a bullpen today, two simulated innings. fastball had some good hop, curveball was much tighter than its been. fooled with my change up grip a little bit, i call it the box change. i can throw it for strikes and spot it much easier. all in all. great bullpen. need to work on throwing from the stretch more. rushing with the offspeed out of the stretch has been a problem. leaving it up in the zone.

thought this was cool. long tossed with my catcher before pitching. and i decided to air it out twice at the end. i wanted to see if i could throw it over the fence in left. 330 feet. my first throw was two hops before going by the fence. so i turned around and started from behind the left field foul poll. one crow hop and a throw to my catcher. standing at the plate, one hop between third base and home and right into his mitt. i didn’t know i could do that!

Been keeping up with my workouts just haven’t been posting. tried out for the new vermont showcase league team for this fall and made it so i get to play on some of the top college campuses in new england every weekend until november. very excited over that. i look at the roster and its on of those pitching staffs that i have just as much of a chance as being the 6th guy as the 1st guy. it’s a deep balanced staff of good pitching. it looks like i could get some good time at the corner infield spots though. anyway, being doing alot of quickness and speed stuff, looking to improve my athleticism. starting to see some improvements. got a 7.3 sixty yard time. for a guy known for being dirt slow i thought that was pretty good. Anyway. i’ll update on what i’m doing today. Morning jog, still recovering from pitching this weekend, should get the blood flowing. finish that with ten minutes of one legged and alternating jump rope. have breakfast, lots of water, gym at ten. good solid full body workout to keep my base of strength up. finish that with some biking to a cool down stretch. come home. lunch. head to the field, get some throwing in, hopefully it dries up enough to hit on the field. done everything by dinner.

wow what a summer its been.

i have kept up my workouts as previously mentioned, but am now moving into the fall season where things are going to change a bit. i’m beginning long toss with my coach. i think he is planning to do some jaeger type long toss. also i’ll be going to the school weight room now. again with my coach. and working more on muscle building and strength in the offseason.
I’m pitching for the new england showcase league for the vermont team. playing 3rd base and hitting fifth as well. i pitched this past weekend and had 4 k in two innings with no hits allowed. hit a batter and a walk which can’t happen. i’ve lowered my hands in my wind up but still go over my head. i compare it to john lackey in a hand placement way. still waiting to add the slider to my repotoire. the dangers of it make me hesitate however. i’ll be posting more often now as i’m back at school with free blocks to report on.

Don’t worry about the slider. When thrown correctly, it’s easier on the arm and shoulder than the curveball. In fact, the slider is really closer to the fastball than it is to a curve.
And here are a couple of tips on how to throw it. To begin with, the grip is off-center—the index and middle fingers are on the smooth surface of the ball and very close together, with the middle finger just touching one seam; the fourth and fifth fingers are curled up together on one side of the ball, and the thumb is on one seam at the bottom for support. As for throwing it: when I learned the pitch—my pitching coach was an active major league pitcher for the Yankees—he told me, “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” Since I threw my curve with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap, this meant that I had to ease up on it. Think of a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe. Also, because I was a natural sidearmer, I found it much easier that way than if I had tried to throw it from any other arm angle.
The slider can break several ways—down and in, down and away—and the break can be sharp; as the name implies, it will come in there looking for all the world like a fast ball and then slide to one side or down or both, hence the name. I remember that I got the hang of it in about ten minutes, but I realized that I wasn’t going to perfect it overnight, so I worked on it for several months, and I will never forget the day I used it for the first time; it was in a relief appearance, and I struck out two dangerous hitters with it!
So if you want to work on developing and refining that pitch, go ahead, and don’t worry about it. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

Pitched yesterday, trying some new mechanics shown to me. total failure. i located well but it was because i get absolutely no torque out of it and my fastball was clocked in the mid 70’s. anybody who says mechanics play a small role in velocity is lying. need to work on staying taller though so i’ll still be making tweaks

Thanks Zita didn’t catch your post :D. right now i’m working on refining my curveball and change as i’ve been told a thousand times that pitching shouldn’t be a jack of all trades master of none thing. 3 great pitches are better than 4 decent ones. But down the road i’ll definately be looking into that.

More news. Got invited to a college prospect thing at a college around here and touched 85 quite a few times on the gun. major breakthrough. coach really liked what he saw. it was a division 2 school here in the NE 10. It made me feel great but also that i can do even better. division 1 is my goal. and i plan to achieve it. I’m doing more sprints and light dumbbell work now that we’re at the end of the season and my shoulder has a lot of work on it this year. but offseason starts in 3 weeks. another season coming to a close :cry:

2 more weeks of season left. I’m throwing 3 days a week doing a long toss program and bullpens like i did last fall. it really helps me. The second this season wraps up i’m getting in the weight room and going hard until spring. I need to strengthen my core and legs more than anything and also need to strengthen myself in a functional way. I’ll post the workouts i’m doing when i get there. here in vermont if a kid throws ninety he’s untouchable seemingly. I plan to get there by spring.