Pitching Log - Workouts, videos, and more

Hello guys,

My name is Paul and I just finished my freshman year at Pitcher/2nd Base for my high school team. We recorded a 11-5-1 record in a highly competitive wood bat league.

Basic Info

Age 14 until 08/12
Position: Pitcher/2nd
Repertoire: 4 seam, 2 seam, Changeup, Curveball
Velocity: 58-62 MPH
Arm Slot: Sidearm, working on bringing it up to low 3/4
Reason for raising it: Not naturally side armed, use to be 3/4 and than over trained shoulder and lost flexibility(Caused me too lose velocity side armed.
Height/Weight: 5 foot 7 and 145 pounds
Velocity: 58-62 MPH

How I will train/play this summer:

Each Morning I’ve been going to our high school field training with a friend. Taking grounders, hitting, and occasional bullpens between travel games. I will be starting TuffCuff this fall when I have access to a weight room and doing some workouts when I can get into a gym.

Currently I’ve been biking to a local football field and doing agility from Tuff Cuff and @Jeter2 sprint workout to become faster which is:

2 20-yard sprints at 75% effort
2 40-yard sprints at full effort
2 60-yard sprints at full effort
2 40-yard sprints at full effort
2 20-yard sprints at full effort
2 30-yard sprints at 50% effort
8 60-yard Build-Up sprints: first 30 yards at 75% effort, second 30 yards at 100% effort
2 x 30 yards - cones 10 yards apart
2 x 60 yards - cones 15 yards apart
2 x 60 yards - cones 20 yards apart
2 x 60 yards - cones 10 yards apart

Here are some of my goals as I try to update this, with my mechanics being posted in a little

Maintain my yearly 3.72 GPA or higher next year.
Sophomore Year - 75 mph
Junior Year - 85 MPH
Senior Year - 90 mph
Win City Championship on JV or Varsity Level
Reach 90 by graduation
Play D1 Baseball - Letter of Intent
Drafted out of college

Thanks and I hope you join me on this journey.

Good luck man. Are you playing any summer ball or just training?

Good luck kid… you better work your arse off .Never quit. Yogi Berra said, if you don’t set goals, you can’t regret not reaching them… You do what yo gotta do!
I’m on the same fight… Hope some day I faceyou… Hope

Thanks, I’m also playing.


Currently I’m working on some mechanical adjustments like raising my arm slot just a tad to low 3/4 vs an even sidearm, staying closed while landing, leading with my hip, and pulling down vs pulling to my side.

I just threw a bullpen and recorded a little of it and when I throw it, none of these changes come into affect, but when I do my shadowing, it’s near muscle memory.

What steps can I take to make these changes muscle memory even while pitching without throwing constantly?

I just finished my 2 games for the weekend. I wasn’t called on too pitch and had 8 at bats this weekend against two bad teams. I went 2/3 at the plate, was hit twice, and walked 3 times. It feels great to know my work on waiting back and stop lunging is finally paying off. I’m a lefty who normally bats 2nd due lack of speed as I’m a solid up the middle contact hitter and when I was dealing with lunging, I constantly rolled over into grounders. My 1 out was a good off speed by the one decent pitcher we faced that got me out in front to ground out to 2nd. The teams both had little pitching and Friday night, my two HBP were both plunks to the head. One in the ear, the other just above the padding. My work will be slowed as the doctor said I have no concussion but a head injury and too take a couple of days off. Still going to shadow and try to work on my mechanics.

Thinking about continuing this log, been following tuff cuff strength and conditioning since the summer and much more serious now. Had a great summer batting well over .600 constantly going oppo for easy doubles and singles due to shifts. My fall was meh but jv tryouts are coming up in 3 weeks for my school and I’ve ended up sticking to sidearm as trying to raise it ended my fall with some pain that thankfully is no longer here and figured out a low 3/4 - sidearm is Munich natural finding a video of my pitching 3-4 years ago.

Anyways getting back on par with my goals, for my sophomore year I would say I top 75 and have hit my goal, I haven’t done a full Intent pen this year yet but just putting a little gas into one 4 seam hit 66 2 weeks ago with minimal effort and 69-71 in late July-August. Overall May continue this log.


cool. keep up the good work cant wait fro you to update more!

I am also a sidearm pitcher and currently a freshman in highschool. I have been a bit curious as to throwing over hand ( can hit abt 80 up top) but I am almost positively going to stick to sidearm.