Pitching Log: My D1 College Career

So off inspiration from reading Ben Brewster’s pitching/training log from his career at Maryland, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to follow his lead and do the same. I am a freshman at Maryland as I am writing this, and am about to move in tomorrow. The last time I wrote on these forums was when I was a sophomore in high school, and I know some gave helpful advice on what to do about an injury I had, so from that point here’s what went on in my baseball career:


  • pitched about 25 innings for High School varsity team
  • Was doing well until I aggravated my forearm, and had to sit out the rest of the season rehabbing
  • Came back in the late summer/fall of 2014 and pitched down in Florida where the coaching staff of Maryland scouted me and offered me a scholarship when I visited the campus. I committed late November of that year.


  • As I was preparing/training in the offseason, I heard a clunking/popping when internally rotating my shoudler. Decided to get it checked out.
  • Had an MRI after initial check-ups, turns out I had a frayed labrum in my throwing shoulder.
  • Fortunately, I did not need surgery. Unfortunately, it seemed with an inury like this that precaution was the best way to go. I essentially missed out on a year of training/ pitching, and had to sit out (from pitching) during my junior year. I was able to play centerfield atleast.
  • Eventually eased back into training and pitched during the summer and fall, was sitting 86-88, touched 89 on occasion.


  • Went back into the offseason ready to put on weight/develop, and was able to do that for a solid month until I visited my doctor for my shoulder as a precaution.
  • He issued me three PRP shots, which I do believe helped, but forced me to refrain from training for a 6 week period during the offseason.
  • During those 6 weeks, I lost a lot of progress and it showed during my senior season. I pitched about 20 innings and had lost some velocity, mostly from a lack of efficient mechanics and proper preparation.
  • Was able to have spurts of high velocity/performance during the summer, but couldn’t stay consistent. This was also when I found a lot of Ben Brewster’s content that he posts on social media and his website, so I hope that I can use some of the same concepts in my own training and performance.


  • Currently enrolled at UMD and about to start fall ball.


Height: 6’3
Weight: 193-198 ish
Position: LHP

Freshman Year:

  • Stay healthy
  • Get weight up to 205 with roughly 12% BF by the beginning of the season
  • Pick up velocity to 87-90 range


  • Have consistently been eating 3200-3500 calories per day, will continue this diet while meeting macro goals
  • Plan to have video of mechanics from bullpens/outings to break down and improve
  • This fall ball and offseason: Focus on core lifts (squat, deadlift, DB bench press, rows) and progress them throughout, progress accessory lifts as well

I think it’s great that plenty of other pitchers on this site are doing their best to maximize their baseball careers, and I hope to do the same by using this log as organization and motivation day to day. Obviously I don’t know where my baseball career is headed, but the least I can do is use what God has given me to the best of my ability. I appreciated any feedback or comments other users provide to me.