Pitching Log (mccjo2)

6 feet 145 lb freshman RHP
I throw a fastball, curveball, and changeup

Goals before the start of next season:
-Be a pitcher on the varsity
-put on some weight
-work on being able to constantly locate off speed pitches
-increase arm strength and pitch velocity

So far this has been a pretty good baseball season. The JV team is 7-1 but because the varsity is about to begin the playoffs, the JV season is basically over. I made the varsity this year, but have not seen the field that much. I usually am just a pinch runner.
The varsity is really having a great year. We are undeafeated in district.

Today has been a really nice day. We clinched the district cahmpionship today. We smoked the ball. And our best pitcher threw a shutout with a scout watching in the stands. I was really happy for him.
I threw a 60 pitch bullpen today. I was very happy with how I threw. I was real focussed on being explosive and directional. I also really tried to be metally ready each pitch. I located all my pitches well. Especially the curve.

Well…that was today’s work.

“Success is never final…and failure is never fatal.” -Nick Saban[/quote]

Today was a good day. I had no practice. Since I threw a pen yesterday, all I did was ride the bike a little, do a little core, and run a few sprints. Not a very tough day. My hips were a little sore today. I guess that is both good and bad. It means that I’m using my hips, but also that I need to get them stronger. Then I watch my Hornets get destroyed. It was quite depressing. :cry:

First day back to school after spring break. Waking up at 6:30 this morning did not feel to great. Varsity had a district game, we won by the 10 run rule. All I did was pinch run. I’m starting the JV game tomarrow, so today I just did some core and cords, and some light throwing with a little flatground. I feel confident about tomarrow, especially with the breaking pitches. Adios!

I’ve been real busy with school work and late night games, so I’ll try to catch myself up.

I lifted upper body today. With a lot of pushups. We had our best practice of the year. Lots of base running. I threw long today (about 150 ft.) and worked myself back in putting a little more juice on it. Than I worked on changeups and curveballs.

Today we played one of the worst baseball teams I have ever seen. It was a district game so we were required to play them in a double-header. I really felt bad for the team, they are a very poor school. The fist game was 25-0. It was hard to even get ourselves out. The second game was 10 nothing. Once again, we had to get out on purpose without being disrespectful.
Although the competition was not very good I was 2-2 with a double. PLayed leftfield.

Today was another ood day. I did a combo lift with a lot of cardio. At practice I took a lot of cuts. All the work in the caes is finally paying off! Threw long again today. Arm felt great. I’m really trying to have a nice quick arm and an explosive lower body.

I woke up this morning at 7:00 because I had to go get a blood test. We don’t have practice today, so I went to school, threw long and threw a 60 pitch bullpen. I threw the ball very nicely. I feel that the ball is really just exploding out of my hand. My changeup also had nice run on it, and I was able to throw my curveball for strikes. Overall it was a great day.

Today was an alright day. I lifted upper body today. We had a varsity game tonight. This game was really just going to be used for a tuneup for the playoffs. Since it was a varsity game, and I most likely won’t play, I had a nice long toss and fltaground. We ended up winning the game 9-8. It was a great one.

Here is generally my diet:

Woke up at 6:30: Bowl of Quaker Oat Squares with skim milk. And an Ensure Extra Protein.

Snack (10:15)- trail mix bar

Lunch (12:00)- roast beef sandwich on wheat. Pretzels. Apple. Carrots.

Snack (3:00) (before practice): Power Bar with extra protein.

Dinner (7:00) : Salad. Chicken. Rice. Black Beans.

Snack: Ensure with a bannana and peanut butter.

Today (4/28):
Did not lift today. ROde the bike some and did some core. Practice went well. First playoff game is Thursday. I threw long today (150 feet). Then I threw a 35 pitch bullpen. Felt like I had nice velocity. The ball really felt nice coming out of my hand.

Just a regular pregame practice today. Went over first and thirds, and did some PFP. I long tossed today. Arm felt good after throwing pen yesterday. I also worked on my pickoff moves.

WE won our first playoff game. I did not play, but I did get some long toss and fllatground in before the game.Overall it was a great day for the team and the program.

Well… I don’t know why I have not continued to post on my log… but it is time to start again.

The summer season ended in June and I am so pumped for this offseason.
GOALS: continue to lift and run (functional strength). Velocity. Get my command back.

The good part about this offseason, especially because I am not playing football is that I will be able to work on all of these things.

This is how my summer is going to go the rest of the way…

July: LIFT, RUN, MED BALL, HEAVY BALL. Work Hard with intent.

August: No throwing. Really crank up lifting and running. Continue med ball

July 6th 2009:
Breakfast: bowl of Quaker Oat Squares
Upper body lift. Running: 8 jog 20-sprint 30- jog 20
Snack: 2 scrambled eggs, ensure, cup of milk
Lunch: PB&J, smoothie
Baseball workout: cords, med ball, bodyblade, throw off of incline board.
I was told that I had great arm action and that I was being more directional.

Snack: yogurt

Dinner: red beans and rice.

I’m going to start writing in my log again.

Right now I am:
6’2 165 lbs. Sophmore
Fastball, Curveball, Changeup
Just started TuffCuff (phase 5): since I’m in season

Had a game today. I pitched 3 innings, 1 hit, 2k, 2bb, 0ER.
Not a bad day. First time on the bump this year during a game. I am pleased, but I’ve got a lot better in me.
Busy week with both JV and Varsity games.

Game Today. Pitched one inning in relief. Gave up two dink singles. 1K. 0BB. 0 runs. I felt real good today.
I also smoked a ball to the warning track. I thought it could have been my first HR since I was 12, but the kid made a nice catch.