Pitching Log - LHP T. Goldsmith

Hi everyone, I have posted a video previously; however, I have decided to create a log to be able to track my progress, which will hopefully give me a better guideline and motivation to meet all my goals. I would love to get as much advice as I can from all the knowledgable coaches on here that I can.

General Info:
Left-Handed Pitcher
17 years old

4 Seam: 75
Curveball and Circle Change: low 60s

Short-term Goals:

  • touch 80mph by the end of the year
  • contribute to my 18u and college teams
  • become a starter
  • improve my mechanics

Long-term Goals:

  • sit at 85mph
  • be the ace of my college staff (in Canada) or play D1 baseball.

I currently play and am a Reliever for an 18u team in Canada. I would love to move up to a starting role. I have comitted to a Canadian university, but am open to transfering to a US school if my baseball abilities develop further. However, at this point academics are my main focus.

Are these goals reasonable?
What are possible reasons of my subpar velocity given my larger than average frame?
How can I increase my velocity along this timeframe?
What are some good throwing programs and weighted ball programs?

I will either post a new video or reupload my one from before.

I own Tuffcuff, a 4oz and 6oz baseball.

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07/03/2015- I threw out of the pen at the University of Eastern Michigan today, 2IP, 0H, and 3K. One of my better performances this season.

07/04/2015 - I threw again out of the pen today. 2 appearances in 2 games, going to need some arm care for sure. I came in, in a tie game and managed to finish it off getting the win. 2IP, 0R, 2H.

Quick Question: it is very common for me, after pitching a lot, to get a blister on the left side of my index finger. Is this a common issue for pitchers? Or is there something wrong with my release point/grip? Also, are there any fixes to this problem?

07/05/2015- Since I pitched yesterday, I only did some arm care today. I worked through some sets of my band routine. I probably should’ve gone out and done some light throwing too but I never got around to it.

07/06/2015- Got a good workout in today, but that was all. I’m trying to get in better shape to take on the tuffcuff routine at full force when the school year starts in September.

How can I get my throwing in (long toss) without a throwing partner?

Grab a ball and put a long sock on your arm. Wrap some duct tape around the end of the sock and now you can throw with the same intensity you would with a partner. Also, leave about 6 inches from the ball and the end of the sock, so you have room to release the ball. I would still throw outside until you trust that the tape won’t break.


07/07/2015- Today was a very productive day. In the morning I did a quick twenty minute core workout. Then in the evening, my practice was cancelled; however, I still threw a 50 pitch bullpen on my own. It was feeling very well today. Afterwards, I completed another set of my band routine for arm care.

Good suggestion from @nickisbau5. I would also purchase 4-5 boxes of inexpensive baseballs (each with a dozen balls), dump them into a large bucket or extra baseball bag, and throw them one at a time into a backstop. Take a one step back each throw. This way you can complete an entire throwing session going back without having the gather the baseballs every few times. I used to do this on an old baseball field behind my high school that wasn’t used and it was perfect.

Thanks for the advice @Steven_Ellis and @nickisbau5.

07/08/2015- Today I woke up and got an hour workout in and followed it with a whey protein shake. About an hour later I had a big healthy breakfast. Finally, I completed the weighted ball program in TuffCuff to get my long toss in.

Also, I started the TuffCuff training monitor today in hopes to put on some weight.

Nice morning right there. Glad you’re getting that protein shake in within 30 minutes of your workout, and then following it up with a good breakfast. Keep the calories up while you’re working out here over the next few months and you’ll be really happy with the gains. Off to a great start.

Thanks a lot @Steven_Ellis. I will be sure to keep the calories up. I’m very driven to make some gains in the weight and velocity departments!

07/09/2015- Today was the first day of our Michigan State tournament. I came in and got the save for our first game.
1 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 0 R, 2 K

07/10/2015- I threw again in relief today. I threw the last two innings to notch my second save in two days.

2 IP, 0H, 0BB, 1K, 0R

07/11/2015- I didn’t get in today, just rested up. But our team won, so we have the semi-finals and hopefully the finals tomorrow.

07/12/2015- My team won the championship of the tournament today, I was lucky enough to come in for long relief in the finals.

4.1IP, 4H, 1BB, 1K, 1R
This gave me a total of 3 appearances in 4 days with 7.1 IP.

Just a quick note, if anyone could review my original post and give any feedback to my info listed or answer any question that I had asked that would be appreciated.

Another question I have is what is more important when attempting to gain velocity, weight training? or mechanics?

07/13/2015- Pretty much an off day since I am heading to Indianapolis tomorrow for nationals. So, I only got a quick core workout in.

07/14/2015- Today was only a travel day. I made the 6 hour trip to Indianapolis.

07/15/2015- We went 2-0 on the day in Indy, I threw a scoreless inning in extras to get the win.

07/16/2015- We went 1-1 today, I came in with us close to a mercy, with hopes of shutting it down, but I wasn’t able to do so. I got one out until the game was called…

Question: In todays game there was a large hole on the mound, and when I was landing my heal was in the hole and my toes were out of the hole and caused a lot of pain in plant foot. Is there a way I could prevent this for the future?