Pitching Log-14-year old

I’ve just started pitching about a week ago. I am the starting catcher for my school’s team. I borrowed one of my friends JUGS radar gun and was clocked out at 61 mph. My favorite pitcher is Tampa Bay pitcher Scott Kazmir. I so far throw a 1)4-seam fastball 2)Slider 3)Sinking-change.I’m going into the 9th grade. My school is famous for Manhatten pitcher #20 Zac Goyer. P.S I’m a RHP

Drop the slider unless your 17-18 it will destroy your arm.

OK,but what should I replace it with. I want some kind of breaking ball

Or a cutter sort of.
I don’t twist my wrist with my cutter, it sinks and goes in on a lefty

Curve ball or cutter are the best choices of pitches that break. Curve ball has quite a bit of break compared to the cutter but the cutter can be disguised more and is harder to pick up.

If you don’t mind me asking how do you throw a cutter

It’s basically an off-balance fastball is the best way to describe it. This is the way I throw it you take your two seam grip when normally your middle finger is on the right lace you move your index finger onto that lace. I believe Mariano throws his by taking his 4-seam and moving his index to where his middle finger normally is. He also has some kind of change in the angle of his fingers not sure though. When you throw it you use the same fastball movement your wrist doesn’t do any kind of weird twisting you just throw it strait and the fact that your holding it off-center it will spin off-center and move away to a right handed batter.

I’ll try to get some pictures up of how I throw it later tonight maby.

I’ve found the perfect breaking ball. I made it up by accident. I grip it like Forkball except lower on the ball and I squeeze tighter with my pointer finger more then my right. When I release it like a fastball it rotates from left to right and breakes and drops a foot to the right. It spins like a globe. It is faster then my curveball. My dad who was a .800 hitter in High School couldn’t hit it. It also only spins 3/4 to1 1/2 before it gets to the plate so if there’s high winds it may have a knuckleball effect.

I have a new and hopefully improved arsenal
5)Split-finger Fastball