Pitching instructor

Hey guys, my dad bought me a few lessons with the local pitching instructor to improve my mechanics. He’s been teaching me the Tom House principles and I like what I’m seeing, but there hasn’t been any drastic improvement. Now its 2 months later, and $25 a weekly lesson is getting to be kind of pricey. My parents aren’t forkin out the cash anymore and I’m having to pay most the price. My instructor insists if we continue working through the offseason with him and on my own that I can be a successful pitcher because I have a lot of potential (6’ 1", 185 lbs) It all sounds good, but I just don’t know if I have the money for that so what should I do? I’ve considered talking the pricing over with him but I’m not sure.

2 months with absolutely no improvement at all? Seriously? I would think that even sheerly by accident an instructor could make SOME improvement in that timespan. I think that would be your answer- this guy is not helping you. It has been a while since I went through all the lessons and other stuff, but for the most part I always got a little worse in the beginning and then improved tremendously after a week or so of practicing what was taught.

What are this instructors credentials? I worked with one ex-pro reliever that had spent time in the minors as a pitching coach and one guy that was a pitching coach at the high school and college levels. They came highly recommended at the time. Your instructor might not be qualified :roll:

I bet this will ignite a large discussion though…

It’s partially my fault that the improvement hasn’t shown much. I started seeing him right when my varsity games were about to begin, and being an outfielder who wasn’t getting many innings at all, I haven’t worked on the drills I should be as much as I should in practice. I can’t really tell how much I’m improving though since I’m not pitching in games. The changes he has made in my mechanics do feel more comfortable then my old ways. I should be getting plenty of innings this summer on my legion team to measure improvement.

As far as I know, he was a AA pitcher who was on his way up but tore his shoulder up and had surgery which pretty much ended his career. The guy is in his mid 20’s and is pretty new to teaching. I haven’t heard of any other instructors in the area.