Pitching Instructor Expectations

My son is going to start working with a new pitching instructor next week.
This guy pitches in AAA ball and is new to the area. We met him last week while we were at the facility and he really seemed to have genuine interest in my son or he has a heck of a sales pitch.

I feel my son is getting to the age that these next few years are pretty important for his development as a player.

As a parent what should I expect from an instructor?

Should we expect weekly lessons or twice a week or bi-weekly?

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There is an excellent series of suggestions addressing this question that you’ll want to read and even print out.

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Coach B.

Well, I have had 2 of my kids take pitching lessons from instructors all who have been very good. I did find one instructor that was exceptional though…what makes him exceptional is the fact that he is a good teacher, he breaks down the aspects of pitching to small, acheivable steps that motivated kids can handle. You can’t make major changes in small amounts of time. I have always believed in a lesson every week or every other week (during the season EOW and every week during the winter) since the adjustments need to become part of a pitchers natural motion. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t throw a bullpen or 2 or 3 between lessons. How does the instructor relate to questions from the student, does the instructor theorize or does he work with the student (so many talk way too much). How does the instructor think about warmups, stretching, cardio and most important overuse and keeping your pitcher healthy? Good Luck with your search!