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I have given pitching lessons for the past 2 years in Tupelo Mississippi at AdvantEdgeSports(.com) I just kind of fell into giving lessons not knowing if I could make pitchers better. Over this time I have had better sucess than I could ever imagine. Tupelo high school is ranked 19th in the country this season. Four of my students are the top four on the staff. They have gained and average of 8 mph on their fastball and can pitch. I will never claim to know everything. I would love to pick a few brains. I am always looking for avenues to learn.


[quote=“Jeff Hunter”]… I will never claim to know everything. …

Just imagine what you can do when you do know something :wink:
You must be pretty good as well as you’re doing

You’ll find lots of old people here who know a bunch and lots of younguns too

Glad to have you! :smiley:
What is your approach?
Have you studied anyone or are you more self-taught (Your resume shows great success on the mound)…big filmer? Looks like at least one varsity coach has bought into what you offer. Do you go to them or are they members at your facility?
We always want more guys to talk on the art and we look forward to your contributions.

I own a 20,000 square foot baseball training facility in Tupelo MS. (AdvantEdgeSports) .com The high school coach at Tupelo does not send these kids to me. They all are members at my facility. I have to admit, I started to years ago working with some of these guys. They came to me for lessons. They are naturally talented and work hard. Their motions were terrible, and they had big adjustments to make-and they did.
I credit my knowlege of pitching to the coaches, and my will to learn. I was never a hard thrower until I got to college. (late bloomer) My fastball topped out at 84 my senior year of highschool. My record was 33-4 in the three years I pitched in highschool. From there I went to Meridian Comm. College where the pitching coach really helped me with all aspects of the game. My fastball was 88-90 my freshman year. I pitched 61 innings and walked 4, and was drafted that year. If I had to say one coach helped me the most it was him. Not only with the physical side, but the mental side of pitching as well. I would love to expand my knowledge of the art of pitching as much as possible. Any questions asked I can either answer or get answers. I played with several people that are in the MLB. One of my best friends while I was at Mississippi State University was Jonathan Papelbon. I talk with him on a regular basis, and he flys me to boston every year. He will be comming to my facility next off-season. He is one of 5 players in the MLB that I can get any info from at anytime. This is a huge asset to me.
Jeff Hunter

“Jonathan Papelbon”

Jon gave a talk for Dusty Rhodes at UNF which I was lucky enough to get to listen to, it was on pitch selection and setting up pitches, he is a very impressive and thoughtful guy…I charactorize him as having the same attributes that I have seen in special forces members that I have known.
Lazer beam focus for sure!! :shock: