Pitching indoors?

I live in North Dakota so ovbiously I have to pitch indoors during winter. My question is this: does pitching indoors effect your velocity at all? I know it effects your break on your curveball
Much apprieciated…[/b]

Pitching indoors does effect your velocity because there is no weather. The conditions are perfect. Are you throwing off a mound? Remember to add 2-4MPH if you are throwing off flat ground. That is the supposed increase if you were to throw off a mound. Actually, a JUGS representative told me 4-6 MPH, but through research I found that to be incorrect. Take Care!

yeah it does affect velocity just like coach k said. its a good thing you aint no knuckleballer

Your velocity will remain unchanged.


I’m originally from New York City, and although it didn’t snow all that much during the winters it did get very cold. So I would work indoors, either at my high school gym when it wasn’t being used or in an armory or some other location where I wouldn’t freeze, and I could always get a catcher. Very often there would be an incline in the floor’s surface that would approximate a pitching rubber of the required height, so I could
"throw off the mound". No problem. 8)