Pitching in the 401/RI first time... was in IN before

Im pitching in a baseball league in Rhode Island im not to sure of the league name but i know im in it… anyways… im a lefty, 6’2 210… tall and lanky kinda… i throw a 2 seam fb, at aroub 87 or 86 it can move allot from what my catchers have said… a 4 seam the same speed but no movement i dont throw that often… my change up, my dad taught my the grip and i have yet to see the same grip… you hold the ball kinda like where the circle the stiching makes ( so it faces the left, the circle )you tuc your indez finger into the ball and middle finge rover the top… the change up is nice i threw it about 60% of the time too off set a hitter… my curve ball is the question i dont know if im holding it right or if it really breaks this much… hold the ball like its a 2 seam FB but on the left seams sinc eim lefty… i have my middle finger and index on that one seem i try and putthe 2 fingers as close together as possible and force the ball straight down when i release… when i seen it on video the ball looks to rise then it falls off the table almost 3/4 the way to the plate…

my question is, is that a good and safe technique ??

from what it sound like, the ball is having the desired effect, most likely from good mechanics with the pitch. and it also sounds like you are doing it right so i do not think you should have to worry.