Pitching Improvement

Hey, I’m 18 and an high school junior. I’m 5-10, 175, 18-19% BF. Last year I was 5-9, 175 at 23-24% BF. I havent grown much in a while so I hope I am a late bloomer. Anyways, I worked hard this offseason increasing my velocity from 60-70 MPH. I got cut from varsity this year, althouhg i go to a school of 1800 and about 10 others out of 30 were cut. I am slow, ran a 8.8 60 yard dash but hope to improve that this offseason. I’ve pitched well this year in JV. 12 IP, 1 ER, 7 K’s, 0 BB’s. Probably a groundball to flyball rate 2:1. I’ve got 4 pitches, Fastball, 3 finger change, 2 seem sinker, and 10-4 curve, hopefully improve that to a 12-4. I am look to get more agile while becoming stronger so I’ll be doin upper and lower body plyos along with my lifts which are squat, clean, deadlift, row, bench, military press. I bought online a jump rope and a medicine ball for my upper body plyos.
I hope to increase my velocity from 70-85 MPH this offseason. Right now, my bench is a bit weak at 110 LBS (had wrist tendonitis). My squats only 185 right now, hoping to get it up to 250 in 7 months. So, assuming i dont grow much more within next year, do you think i can get my velocity up 15 MPH in 9 months?

Based on your description not really.

But why would you care what I think or what anyone else thinks?

If it is what you want to do, go for it. You’ll never know unless you try.

Are your mechanics solid? Mechanics are a big key to velocity. Is your wrist tendonitis in your throwing arm? If so, this wil hinder your velocity. Also work on long toss properly. (see this site or others online for a good long toss program)/ It helps strengthen your arm.

Ya, my tendonitis is in my right wrist but also hurts towards the middle of my hand sometimes. Everyone says that when I throw it seems that ball is rising and is going qucker the last 4 feet to them. I have a speed gun, i just have to figure out how to use it. As for my mechanics, a pitching coach said that I curl my foot when I throw and am not balanced whic hurts my command although I am a pretty accurate pitcher.

I think you can gain speed, things already stated , like long toss etc, will help. Oh! your fastball seeming to rise in the last 4 feet? I feel it’s because your using very good wrist & finger snap on release. Don’t try to change it, this is a good thing!

You might want to check out Jerry Kerber’s web page, he just had great success with a weighted ball program.4oz,5oz,6oz &7oz balls.
Another is Dr.Mike Marshall weighted ball training, and last but not least is right where you are.—Go to Setve Ellis’s Blog and research all the stuff he’s written(including a good long toss program)
Good luck ;
:smiley: Bill

Try getting a subscription to a Fitness magazine or try online forums. It’s a good way to get yourself in shape. The forum works good you get a lot of professional opinions they’ll tell you what to do to not hurt yourself while building muscle. If your not fitness smart they’ll tell you a lot of myths about gaining muscle mass and other stuff.

Try that good website.

Ya, I’m actually a personal trainer, I have knowledge in fitness. I know most of the details in muscle and fat burning. I just don’t know how much of that will translate onto the bball field. I’ll be starting the longtoss program sometime in August.