Pitching Hurt..... A Story

Read this article and all I could do was shake my head and say to myself how dumb is this guy to risk his long term health.

Thought it would be a good story for guy’s on here to read and think about and maybe it would sink in that if you’re hurt take care of yourself especially if you’re playing at a lower level.

Playing hurt and for what?

For what? I guess his love of pitching, to prove hes tough, pressure from the coaches, a culture that insists anything less that injuring yourself further is lack of heart. Its the same culture that saw my son, at 13, sneak back onto a football field after being removed from the game with a concussion. Its the same thing that keeps countless pitchers from telling their coaches their arm feels like rubber or their elbow is killing them. The biggest question I have is for this guys (in the story) coaches. The story says he is going to school for physical education. I hope he treats youngsters under his charge with more concern than he was treated with by his coaches.

I watched Eddie Lopat conduct a workshop for some high school pitchers, and I saw how he worked with one kid, a high school junior, whose coach was a—I dare not speak the name, so I will just say that he didn’t know his elbow from third base. We talked about it afterwards, and Lopat said that he had seen enough of that stuff that he could write a book on “How Not To Coach”. Oh, how I wish he were still with us; the book would certainly be a real doozy! And I learned a lot about what not to do.