pitching from the stretch

can anyone tell me how i can gain more speed and control by pitching from the stretch?

Practice it. No really, a pitcher’s most important pitches happen out of the stretch, yet most bullpen and practice sessions happen out of the full windup. To get good from the stretch, you’ve got to start working on it. Dedicate 50% of your pitches in practice from the stretch. I actually threw harder from the stretch, so in pro ball, as a closer, I pitched from the stretch, even with no runners on base.

Steven’s right - you have to practice it. But I’ll argue that kids should throw MORE THAN 50% of their practice pitches from the stretch. They need to get to the point where, mentally, they are just as comfortable and confident throwing from the stretch as they are from the wind-up. Too many times I see young pitchers resort to the wind-up when runners are stacked up against 3B. That tells me they are not as comfortable and/or confident going from the stretch.

I was having a hard time with the stretch at the start of the season, i decided to train for 3 weeks just out of the strech. Then when it was game day i would do the normal game play. After that im now better off out of the stretch when it comes to deseption and speed of a pitch compared to wind-up

Ok well i have a game tomorrow and I’m set to be the starting pitching. Should i go about my warm-up differently? If so, then how should i do my warm-up?

Just do your warm-up by throwing from both the wind-up and stretch.

The team coach played in a tournament last weekend. At one point in one of the games, we loaded up the bases and the other team’s coach pulled their pitcher and brought in another. Would you believe the new pitcher proceded to take all of his warm-up pitches form the wind-up even though he was gonna’ have to go right to the stretch? Doh!