Pitching from the stretch

When pitching from the stretch, before coming set, with the foot on the rubber, can a pitcher turn his shoulder to check on the runner at first?

Yes you can. But if the ump called it the other way…guess what? He called it the other way. Balks are funny, some people look at them as some form of restrction, I look at them as a pitchers intent on gaining advantage. Out of 100 umps, 1 might call it wrong…whattaya gonna do?

The ump did not call it, the opposing coach was saying you can not turn your shoulder while on the rubber. I disagreed saying you can turn your shoulder until you are in the set position.

So the ump validated your point by not calling it. Double pleasure for you. You’re right and the ump agrees.

you can turn your shoulders until you have your hand with the ball in your glove.


I was told the same thing. So either in the set position or before you hands come together.