Pitching from the stretch

i just want to know how most of you pitch from the stretch. i was doing a bullpen today and when i pitched from the stretch, my pitches stayed high. i tried putting my feet closer together starting from the stretch, for example lincecum, rivera, and kershaw, and my pitches stayed in the strikezone. this is working well for me as of now so i might stick with it, but what are your thoughts and tips?

if it works then stick with it…your ball was getting thrown high probably because your lower half was moving too fast for your arm. your arm was dragging behind so you were having to try and catch up. putting your feet closer together when coming set definately helps with your timing. just keep doin that.

i think your rushing ur delivery and as a result your lower half is faster than ur upper body and thats why ur pitches are staying up, by putting your foot closer to your pivot leg its easier to get to your balance point and everything is in sync. thats what i think is happening.
but like most things in general its all personal preference and what works for YOU!! if closer foot to pivot leg works better, do it

you posted while i was typing but yea basically what he said^^

haha wow…
great minds huh??**

haha wow…
great minds huh??**[/quote]

i guess soo :wink: