Pitching from the Stretch

hey guys hows it going. I have a bit of a problem here.
I am extremely good at pitching from the wind up right. I top out at 79-80mph. But if a runner gets on base i have to go in the stretch.

It feels as if i can not throw as hard in the stretch. Its really really confusing my accuracy is also not as good either. What should i do to get my velocity and control from the stretch to be the same as it is from the windup.

Also i am not very tall i am only 5’10, 165pounds. But my stride is 110percent of my height. But in the stretch i feel like i am not stridnig as far either. So ya what can i do to fix these problems.

There really shouldn’t be much difference from your stretch and your windup. If you cut your windup into sequences there should be a portion which would be replicating the stretch.

If you can you should be delivering the ball from the stretch the same as the windup. Except for if you work from a glide/slide step.

Just got to work on it more. Most pitchers spend most of their time working out of the full in practice and bullpens. Speed up your delivery from the stretch. Let it go!!

It has been put this way to me before…

When do you feel the most pressure to make a good pitch or when you are in trouble the most?? When runners are on base.

Therefore you should do a majority of your work out of the stretch so you will be better prepared.

I know that is not telling you any quick fix or anything, but you will have to learn how to pitch out of the stretch if you want to be successful.

If you also use a slide step when throwing from the stretch then that may lead to your lower half being too quick. That will make it difficult to have proper sequencing and good timing. In this case, maybe add a knee lift back in when you can and use an abbreviated knee lift but also work on getting early momentum towards home to be quick enough to the plate to give your catcher a chance to throw out runners.

I don’t see where there should be any problem. The same thing applies when working from the stretch as when pitching from the full windup—you still have to drive off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion, to get the power behind your pitches. That was what I did, all the time, and I used the slide step all the time because for some reason I found that I could speed up my delivery to the plate. Coming to a full stop before delivering the pitch didn’t make any difference.
And the only time I had to pitch from the stretch was when I was relieving in a game and there was a runner—or runners—on base. By the way, when you’re pitching with the bases loaded you can go to the full windup; the runner on third can’t get a good jump because he doesn’t want to take the chance of being cut down at the plate! 8)

Usually in bullpens, you should be pitching from the stretch.

thank you guys for the suggestions i really appreciate it.

nice suggestions am impressed