Pitching Form Analysis

I throw around 75-78 and can sometimes get up to 80. In the video I’m not throwing full only about 60 percent. I should also add I just turned 15 and I’m 5”11 and 145 pounds. I was throwing a little past 60 feet around 65 because my yard slopes up there
Here the video

A friend of mine uses a technique I developed for folks who throw stuff (i.e., baseballs/softballs and footballs) called Power-Pronation. He was throwing 80, but now he’s throwing 87 mph; the thing of it is, he’s 61 years-old (this year). You might want to try it too. Here is the article written by a SABR baseball writer: Power-Pronation

Thanks any other suggestions

Youre real close. Lead with hip a little more, stride a little longer (plant leg is short of desired 90 deg), firmer glove arm, follow through a little more.

I’ve worked a little more I did 80 consistently on our radar gun but those aren’t super accurate