Pitching for 13yr. olds

What is, about, the normal spped a 13yr. old should throw? How many pitches should a 13yr. old know how to throw and what kind are ok for a 13yr.old? (Change-up, curve, etc.) Is there a pitch count that should be kept?

im 13 and i throw in high 50s to low 60s and i throw a 2 seam and 4 seam fastballs and changeup. i also know how to throw a curveball and only rarely use it.

Pitch count for 13 year olds - 76 max per outing, 4 days rest.

Pitch Type: 4 seam FB, 2seam FB, Changeup.

Velocity varies greatly at this age because some go through major growth spurt earlier than others. I would say 60 -low 70’s would be range with some exceptions on either side of that.

Perfect these three pitches and your mechanics before even thinking about a breaking ball.

So I’m fine if I’m throwing a 68mph FB?

Same here.Im just turned 13 and i throw high 50s low 60s and would like to say DONT THROW BREAKING BALLS UNTIL YOUR 16 or 17 YEARS OF AGE My repitoir is a 4 seam fastball 2 seam fb and a vulcan change up

Well why do you worry how fast you throw. I find that speed isn’t the biggest factor with me hitting a pitcher. Faster it comes in faster it goes out. You should be asking yourself the question do I hit corners? Do locate all my pitches well? Do I have decent movement?