Pitching / Football Workout

Gangstassssssss wassup guys… i was wondering what I could do for a pitching workout… but I also wanan play football senior year (next fall)… i know i got alot of time. but I want to get big but also pitch well… so i need a good balance so I dont get too big .ya know?.. but i’m like 5’10 5’11… 150 pounds hopefully gainin sum weight by eating better n stuff like that

Follow this program: http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles/articles.htm

alright thanks kc… that seems insane that workout i have no clue what have teh stuff is… but i think i might just stick to the program i got goin now… if you want to see what it is i can show you guys it… but thanks

Defrancos WS4SB III is an awesome program I have to say.
Designed for athletes, especially ones looking at add weight, tested and improved through the training of athletes of all sports for the last few years.

I have had grade results following it.

Don’t be intimidated by the exercise selection, you can find almost all of them on youtube or at least a quick google search.

You can post it, but I’m pretty sure that I’d still recommend DeFranco’s stuff if you want to play football and baseball.

Go with a workout thats heavy in lowerbody/core stuff, because not only are the legs the most important part of a football players body, but strength built there translates better over to baseball.

yeah i run everyday to get ready for indoor track season… ive been running since the begining of september… i do like leg press. db squats… db step ups… lunges… and like calf raises and like a good amount of abs