Pitching FAQ

I’ma focus on pitching now, I left it for about 3 years since I came to the states and I wanna know some stuff

  1. Work-Out Routines
  2. Curveball-Slider warnings (How often should I throw and how)
  3. I pitch about 20-30 balls every 2 days (Should I do some more or substract some)
  4. I do sit-ups,squats, and push-ups everyday when I wake up and before bed (Any more home-exercises, just to build a bit of strength)
  5. I’m 5’9 and about 124, what should my Avg. Speed be? Some people say I do 75-77 and some say I do high seventies to low eighties

That’s about it.BTW I’m new to the forum

I would ditch the sit ups in favor of planks and ab wheel rollouts. Also, I would incorporate pullups into my workout. Also, horizonal rows would be helpful.

As for workout routines, get Tuffcuff or Wolforth’s Combat Pitcher.