Pitching FAQ

I’ma focus on pitching now, I left it for about 3 years since I came to the states and I wanna know some stuff

  1. Work-Out Routines
  2. Curveball-Slider warnings (How often should I throw and how)
  3. I pitch about 20-30 balls every 2 days (Should I do some more or substract some)
  4. I do sit-ups,squats, and push-ups everyday when I wake up and before bed (Any more home-exercises, just to build a bit of strength)
  5. I’m 5’9 and about 124, what should my Avg. Speed be? Some people say I do 75-77 and some say I do high seventies to low eighties

That’s about it.BTW I’m new to the forum

Welcome to the forum, OBOLA305.
Let me see if I can answer a few of your questions here. Let’s start with your inquiry about the curve ball and the slider. Slider first, because it’s another pitch altogether. It’s not as fast as a fast ball, nor as sharply breaking as a curve, but it’s easier to throw and control than either of them. The keys to this pitch are the grip and the wrist action: you grip the ball with the index and middle fingers very close together, middle finger just touching one seam, and you throw it like a curve but you roll the wrist, don’t snap it. Just turn it over. This is not a pitch you can acquire overnight, although you can get the hang of it in about ten minutes—I remember when I learned the pitch, it took me eight or nine months of working on it until I felt comfortable enough with it to use it in games. As for the curve, there are a couple of different grips you can use, two-seam, four-seam, whatever, and a good way to get a nice break on it is to throw it with a karate-chop wrist snap.
Now here’s something very important: you need to throw every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just playing catch for fifteen or twenty minutes or doing a full bullpen session where you can work on a pitch or some aspect of mechanics, you need to throw every day, because this is the best way to strengthen your arm and at the same time keep it loose and flexible. I’ll tell you what I used to do when I was a little snip: I would get a catcher, and we would go to a playing field that wasn’t being used at the time, and I would take the mound and the catcher would get behind the plate. We would play a game we called “ball and strike”, where he would position his mitt in various places, high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head :lol: , and I would concentrate on getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the mitt—a great way to sharpen up control, as well as working on a particular pitch. Don’t worry about how many pitches you should throw, by the way—go with your gut, how many you feel you need to throw when you work on one pitch or another.
And EAT. You say you weigh about 124 pounds—that’s rather underweight for you height. You should be about 160 pounds, so eat a lot—good stuff, you don’t have to bother with a lot of those supplements, most of which are pretty useless, just have plenty of protein and good carbs. And get sufficient rest. That’s all I can think of for now—but there are a lot of people on this website who will be glad to advise you, so make use of them, don’t hesitate to ask.
Oh, one more thing—I don’t know what your arm slot is, whether you throw overhand, 3/4 or sidearm, but you want to go with whatever is comfortable for you. 8)