Pitching drills to help pitchers stay closed longer

I get this question quite a bit. What are some drills you’ve used and had success with to help pitchers stay closed longer, to really maximize trunk rotation?

The best thing my pitching instructor told me to do is just get a full sized mirror and do many repetitions per day. It has helped me loads. I have had some trouble staying closed before this summer. I used to drive the front leg out instead of setting it down soft because I thought it made me throw faster. Truth is, it actually slowed my pitches down about 1-3 mph.

Staying closed and rotating late requires good timing. Good timing requires good mechanics as mechanical flaws can “steal” timing. Given all of this, any drill that help improve mechanics and timing will help you stay closed. Learning to use a faster tempo to get into foot plant quicker can also help by reducing the amount of time you need to stay closed before rotating late.