Pitching Drills for the Elbow

Are there any drills that can help the elbow. There are tons of 'em for the shoulder, but I can’t think of anything for the elbow. Thanks.

Are you talking about actual pitching drills or workouts? I have had many elbow problems and I have to do elbow exercises everyday to prevent mine from hurting. It’s basically three exercises:

You need a hammer and about a 2-5lb. ankle weight for the first two. The last one requires a dumbell anywhere from 10-20lb.

In the first exercise you hold the hammer at the base of the handle and strap the ankle weight to the metal part. Start with your hand on your knee sitting down. Then you move the hammer from a vertical position to horizontal on both sides in a controlled manner. I normally burn out the amount of reps.

The next exercise is standing up and holding the hammer at the base of the handle, your arm by your side, and starting with the handle parallel to the ground with the weight behind you. Then you basically move the weight of the hammer up and down in a controlled manner. Burn out on this one as well.

The last exercise is basically just wrist curls. Just remember to let the dumbell roll to your fingertips before curling back up. Burn out.

If you are doing this for elbow pain it will help. It basically just strengthens the area around the elbow. But keep doing the shoulder stuff, it is just as important.

those are all foreamr exercises
but you were right sense the elbow has no muscle so you really cant work it out
you can only workout the ones around it

so you must keep you whole arm in shape( even the fingers)

tendons connect from your forearms through your elbow. it is essential to keep those tendons strong through out the season. The tendons and forearm muscles are key for your elbow. Even do some tricep work.